EPOS Adapt 660 AMC Review: Premium headphones with sleek design, powerful ANC so you can focus and leave others in the dust – James Ide

An improvement to an already incredible Adapt 660 EPOS headset with a new look and that continues to help you work smarter, wherever you are

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EPOS introduces the EPOS x Aston Martin F1 Team headphones

Epos Adapt 660 AMC

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It’s undeniable that Covid has forever changed the way most of us work, from trying to focus at home to focusing back in the office, while also staying in touch on the go.

EPOS are experts in audio technology, their gaming and work headsets are known for their exceptional audio quality and clever design features. The Adapt range is aimed at professionals who want the highest level of performance.

EPOS teamed up with top-tier racing team and James Bond’s car of choice, Aston Martin, to create a headset so impressive it could raise the eyebrow of an MI6 agent.

The team-up with the Aston Martin Cognizant F1 produced an incredible variant of them EPOS ADAPT 660 headphones with EPOS 660 AMC.

The packaging of the EPOS Adapt 660 AMC has also undergone a much-needed redesign



Adapt 660 AMC is nearly identical to the regular 660, with the same sleek oval earpads and a mostly matte black design. However, the AMC version features a subtle metallic green accent of Aston Martin’s historic British racing green.

I’m glad EPOS stayed true to their subtlety and understated elegance, but with a little pop of color just to make them add some style and stand out.

Obviously if you are a fan of F1 or Aston Martin you will love them, however I am not a fan of racing and surprisingly I loved the look too.

Instead of redesigning their already well-designed design or hiding the headphones with sponsors and brands like an F1 car, they have kept the sleek look that is more in common with the Aston Martin instead of covering it with logos and flashy colors like so many. other collaborations do.

Made with a blend of plastic, metal, and leatherette padding on the cups and headband, they’re not the solidest headphones I’ve ever used, but they’re still very durable and reliable.

The trade-off is that they are very comfortable and light at just 227g and can also be adjusted for maximum comfort. Thanks to its low weight and comfortable design, it’s easy to wear most of the day, which means it’s the only set of headphones you’ll need.

The soft memory foam padded earcups do not press too much on the ears and create a good seal, helping to block external sounds without being uncomfortable.

The branding is subtle yet attractive and eye-catching



When you’re on the go, the headset folds down slightly to become more compact and take up less space in your bag.

There is still a soft zip case, provided it now includes a black EPOS logo and a green Aston martin tag. While I am glad that a case is provided to protect the headphones and keep them looking good for longer, I wish it were a little stronger and more durable, especially for such a premium product.

The controls are minimal and very simple to use on the 660 AMC, with a single button to pair the device or start Microsoft Teams, which makes joining meetings quick and efficient if you are using Teams.

Touch controls are also included on the right earcup to manage playback controls, answer and end calls, change the volume or activate audio pass-through.

There is also a switch to activate Active Noise Cancellation just above the button.

To turn them on, just twist the ear cups slightly until they make a satisfying click. This is great, but the only downside is that when I often remove them I accidentally snap them to the off position.

The 660 AMC is incredibly versatile, offering you multiple ways to connect, including wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0 or via the supplied USB dongle. You can also connect to a standard 3.5mm jack if you want to save battery or connect to a non-Bluetooth device as I used to sometimes use it to connect to my PS Vita.

The 660 and 660 AMC are virtually identical but the AMC feels a little sleeker and less generic


James Ide / Reach PLC)

I could also connect to multiple devices at the same time, allowing me to listen to music without worrying about missed calls or important notifications while in a meeting.

With a range of about 25 meters, I could often walk away from my car during calls, giving me a sense of freedom that really helped my concentration.

Using the EPOS Connect app you can update the firmware of the headphones and customize the equalizer settings. There are some surprisingly good presets, and you can tweak some of the advanced settings as well. This is not essential for using the headset, however I would really recommend it.

The 660 AMC has a fantastic battery life of around 30 hours. The long battery life makes these headphones perfect for everyday use, from business meetings and office calls to commuting to work.

However, it takes around 3 hours to fully charge, which could have been improved with so many devices now supporting fast charging technology.

The headset also charges via Micro USB over USB A which could have been upgraded to the more standard USB C standard.

If you have keen eyes, you may have noticed that there isn’t an obstructive arm microphone to worry about like with some of their other headphones as there are three microphones located on the inside and outside of the earpads.

With machine learning, advanced microphones listen and filter out ambient noises to reduce unwanted sounds. By using the microphones together, it constantly tunes the directionality of the microphone system for optimal speech reception in noisy environments, effectively isolating your voice and improving clarity.

The Adapt 660 AMC features historic British Aston Martin racing green



This worked incredibly well in crowded offices and bars, as well as while answering calls on the run to the bus, in extreme cases the audio quality deteriorated slightly, but I was still clear and background noise was minimal.

The 660 AMC supports the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant so you can listen to weather reports, news reports or podcasts.

The audio quality in the EPOS headphones is always quite good, but the 660 and 660 AMC are simply stunning, not just for meetings but for music and video – I’ve also used them for some portable gaming thanks to the compact and lightweight design.

Offering some of the richest detail and clarity I’ve ever heard, the 660 AMC is truly well balanced. The bass was powerful without being too overwhelming and there was no mud in the high range.

Everything from acoustic tracks to synth, rock, rap and classical sounded so rich and crystal clear.

Active noise cancellation on the EPOS 660 AMC is still some of the best I’ve ever used and still my favorite headset on the tube, in a crowded newsroom, or even at home while my partner works.

There’s also a switch to toggle between on, off and adaptive modes, which listens to your surroundings and adjusts the noise reduction based on background levels.

Verdict 4/5

While the Adapt 660 is still a great headset, with crystal clear sound and great design coupled with powerful active noise cancellation, it really helped me focus, especially as I get used to working in the office again.

The AMC variant, however, despite the Aston Martin’s design being fantastic and not overdone with its branding, feels like a wasted opportunity to have pushed the 660 design a little further and provide further tuning underneath the hood.

It’s more expensive than the standard 660 at £ 429 compared to £ 379, so I’d recommend the regular 660 unless you want something a little more special that stands out.

EPOS Adapt 660 is the only headset you need all day with its wireless functionality and the ability to pair multiple devices at the same time as well as its unprecedented audio quality and incredible ANC that helps you focus. it offers uncompromising convenience and killer quality, leaving the competition green with envy.

The EPOS Adapt 660 is available now for £ 429.99 and is available from EPOS website

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