High-end scooter: bluetran lightning

The “Bluetran Lightning” is a heavy, high-performance escooter from “Bluetran”, a subsidiary of “Minimotors” based in South Korea. The Bluetran Lightning is a high-end escooter in almost all respects. Priced at $ 3,099 USD, it boasts a top speed of around 47 miles per hour, up to 90 miles of range per charge, and even a wide range of safety features. The Bluetran Lightning comes with turn signals, brake lights, LED headlights and even RGB light accents that can be customized via a complementary application.

This escooter is ultra stable as it weighs nearly 88lbs, allowing it to support a rider weight of up to 265lbs. In addition to these basic performance specs, Bluetran offers a number of accessories on its website, from replaceable parts to quick chargers and even fingerprint locks.

Image credit: Bluetran