How agritech will reshape agriculture (ET Catalyze – Episode 28) – The Economic Times Video

With Russia-Ukraine leading to grain shortages, agriculture has become one of the most important sectors for India and the world. Agritech in, helps to reduce yield and quality if adopted correctly, mitigating these shortcomings. And lately urban agriculture as a trend is on the rise. What role will agritech play in shaping the future of this sector? In the latest episode of ET Catalyze we discuss this issue with three agritech experts on innovation and changes that can help bring agriculture to balconies and terraces. Deepak Ajwani, Publisher, ET Digital; sits down with Dr. Sai Ram Reddy Palicherla, co-founder, UrbanKissan; Shyam Sundar Singh, co-founder, DeHaat; and Avi Basu, founder and CEO, Wingsure as part of ET Catalyze – Agritech Special! ET Catalyze provides a platform for in-depth conversations and associations with some of the biggest names in advertising, marketing, technology and digital media.