Il Primo unveils prime dining in NUSTAR

The first and only Italian Steakhouse in Cebu opens in NUSTAR Resort and Casino – ushering in an authentic Italian dining experience in the Island of New Possibilities.
Located at ‘The Strip’ in NUSTAR, Il Primo is the first restaurant to open in the Integrated Resort and will also be the first restaurant welcoming the patrons of the property. Il Primo boasts a mix of cosmopolitan and contemporary interiors coupled with signature dishes and beverages from Eastern Europe, all orchestrated under Il Primo’s executive chef Luca Angioletti.
Chef Luca Angioletti
Chef Luca has more than 20 years of industry experience having done the rounds in Doha, Dubai, Italy, Germany, USA, and Philippines.
The combination of culinary and management skills together with his exposure to award-winning restaurants is strength that spills over to the operations of the restaurant. He is now taking the lead in Il Primo to offer an authentic Italian cuisine experience among patrons and partners. Being Italian himself, Chef Luca’s culinary direction is intended to be pay homage to his Italian roots and epicurean upbringing. “When they come to Il Primo, I want diners to experience the best Italian food that serves only premium ingredients and using the best grilling methods”, says Chef Luca.
Signature offerings
Il Primo is the first Italian restaurant in Cebu to utilize the Josper grill in which the restaurant’s signature dish, the dry-aged Omaha steak is prepared. The Josper grill has both grill and oven features that help control the grilling process—ensuring that steaks remain tender without sacrificing flavor. Il Primo also offers freshly-made al dente pastas, wood fire oven-baked pizzas, and freshly sliced cold cuts from mortadella to prosciuttos and artisan cheeses. It will also have unique signature beverages inspired by the Italian culture which gives the over-all dining experience a taste of Italy.
The Interiors

Il Primo holds a cosmopolitan setting with contemporary interiors. The space is also adorned with classic columns along with comfortable seating that can accommodate a total of 90 guests. Moreover, Il Primo expects to entertain diners with culinary theatrics as the main kitchen is stationed in the dining space with an open design. Il Primo also has a private dining room perfect for small gatherings and intimate occasions.
“We have been gearing up and are very excited to unveil Il Primo to Cebu. As the first Italian Steakhouse in the city, we are positioning Il Primo as the ultimate destination for dining patrons who love premium quality steak and authentic Italian culinary experience. With our impressive roster of talents who have helped in forming Il Primo, I feel we are well on our way to that direction”, says Paul Rene Lee, General Manager for NUSTAR Hotels.

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