Indian eSports partnerships: divine esports

“GodLike Esports”, one of India’s largest sports entertainment organizations, has announced a new exclusive partnership with the “Rooter” streaming platform. As part of this partnership, many of GodLike Esports’ pro gamers will stream gameplay exclusively on the Rooter platform, stepping away from competitors like Twitch or YouTube.

GodLike Esports mainly focuses on mobile games with prominent teams for “PUBG”, “Battlegrounds Mobile India” and “Call of Duty Mobile”. The organization often ranks well in tournaments related to these games and as a result has amassed a sizeable roster of partners and sponsors.

This partnership marks the continued progress of the esports industry in India. GodLike Esports Director Amar Sanjay Chandgude said, “The team is on a mission to build the most successful esports ecosystem the world has ever witnessed. We are thrilled to partner with Rooter.”

Image credit: GodLike Esports, rooter