Just like Samuel Alito, “SNL” goes back to 1235 for “moral clarity” on the abortion law

In search of “moral clarity” for the best abortion laws in human history, the crew of “Live Saturday night”- exactly like the judge of the Supreme Court Samuel Alito – traveled back in time for the open cold – until 1235 when they “nailed” the reproductive rights, medieval boy sang and host of the episode Benedict Cumberbatch.

The scene began with bizarre quotes from Alito’s current draft opinion leaked this week that gutted Roe v. Wade, calling abortion a “crime,” based on a 13th century treaty of England

It seems like a total ban, the “SNL“Guys agree. Andrew Dismukes, however, wonders whether to allow abortion at least in cases of” rape and incest. “Alex Moffat complains,” But those are the only kinds of sex! “

farmer Cilly forte suggests that it may be more urgent to focus on other issues, such as “no one can read or write and everyone dies of the plague!”

“Do you think that just because I have active plague means that I have to wear a mask?” Dismukes asks angrily. “My body is my choice!”

Cumberbatch decides that “we have reached the limits of human knowledge” in 1235, when “we trust the Catholic Church with all our money and our children”.

And “now we have birth control,” adds Moffat. “You can’t get pregnant until the man ejaculates, he whispers: ‘I’m kidding.’”

scald Kate McKinnon it comes up to predict that these “barbaric laws will be overturned by something called progress”. Then 50 years later they will say: “How maybe we should undo progress”.

But “no matter how many choices they take away from women, we always have a chance to keep fighting!” McKinnon says, fist raised, to the shouts of the audience.

“You’re a witch,” Cumberbatch says, “and we’ll set you on fire.”

See it in the video above.