Kenan Thompson tries to have final say on Samuel L. Jackson’s ban from “SNL”

“I don’t have the authority to do that,” Thompson told the host Jimmy Fallon up “The show tonight. ” “I don’t know why you think that,” adding that Jackson has been “mad at me” ever since.

To be clear, the star of “Snakes on a Plane”. it is not forbiddenThompson said. Looking seriously into the camera, Thompson said, “It’s okay, brother. You are welcome anytime, from what I’ve heard. … Come in whenever you want.

Jackson claimed he was left out for pronouncing the uncensored F word in a 2012 sketch with Thompson. He said Thompson should have cut him off before the whole expression.

But on Thursday, Thompson explained that there was only an “F” on the cue, which was not an invitation for Jackson to indulge his oath.

“I think he’s a method guy,” Thompson said. “He has done it twice.”

Jackson actually received reassurance recently from the person who has the authority to issue a ban – “SNL”Producer Lorne Michaels. Entertainment weekly reports Jackson this week accidentally shared an elevator with Michaels and asked him when he would be allowed back on the show.

“You are not banned!” Michaels responded, according to Jackson.

“So maybe I’m not,” Jackson told the outlet. “I do not know.”

Here is the sketch version published by “SNL”.