Parag Agrawal | Twitter: Parag Agrawal responds to why “Lame Duck” CEO is making big changes to Twitter

New Delhi: In a series of tweets on Friday, Twitterthe CEO Parag Agrawal he said he expects the $ 44 billion acquisition deal Elon Musk to complete, adding that the upcoming transaction cannot be an excuse to avoid making important decisions for the health of the company.

He said Twitter needs to be prepared for all scenarios in a tough macro environment.

Musk, Tesla’s CEO, had announced hours earlier that the offer to purchase the microblogging site had been suspended due to the fake account details. Post where Twitter shares fell nearly 20% in pre-market trading on Friday.

Some have wondered why a “lame” CEO would make these changes if Twitter was acquired anyway, Agrawal tweeted. In reaction to these remarks, Agrawal said, “Yesterday we announced changes to our leadership team and operations. Changes that impact people are always difficult,” tweeted the CEO adding, “I will not use the agreement as a sorry to avoid making important decisions for the health of the company, nor will any Twitter leader. ”

He claimed to be responsible for driving and managing Twitter.

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Agrawal went on to say that regardless of who owns Twitter in the future, the company will improve as a product and business for customers, partners, shareholders and all users.

“No one on Twitter is working just to keep the lights on. We are proud of our work,” the CEO wrote in a tweet. He said he’s still focused on doing his job and that includes making tough decisions as needed.

“I will continue to embrace the deep complexities of our service and business. And you can expect more changes for the better,” added the CEO.

“I will also try to bring more transparency to the work we do. You will not see my tweets on the” topic of the day “or the loudest sound, but rather on the ongoing, ongoing and inspiring work our teams are doing to improve the conversation. post on Twitter, “he continued.

He also thanked the entire Twitter team for their efforts. “They remained strong and focused, sharp and agile. They did the job, as always,” she wrote praising the Twitter team.

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