The Catholic Culture Podcast: 105 – Confronting an Unprecedented Church Scandal

May 13, 2021Catholic Culture’s own Phil Lawler has written a new book
addressing what he sees as flaws in the response of Catholic
leaders and laity to the pandemic and advocating a different
approach – Contagious Faith: Why the Church Must Spread Hope, Not
Fear, in a Pandemic.
Topics covered in this interview include:

How the Church’s behavior in this pandemic differs from the
oft-cited response of St. Charles Borromeo to plague
Why a confrontation with civil authorities must be forced to
ameliorate the evil precedent set for future actions against the
How the laity can encourage their priests and bishops to defy
illegitimate restrictions on the Mass
Is there a moral obligation to take extraordinary measures to
protect one’s neighbor from even the slightest risk of catching a
Catholics must be a witness to hope in the power of prayer and
in eternal life

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Phil Lawler, Contagious Faith
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