The Catholic Culture Podcast: The Glorious English Carol

Dec 17, 2021Originally published as episode 59 on December 21, 2019, this
popular episode is being rerun in a slightly improved version.
This is a love letter to the great English Christmas carols,
from “There Is No Rose” to “The Boar’s Head”.
Did you know that not just any Christmas song is a carol? The
true carol, in all its earthy splendor, is a distinctive product of
the Catholic middle ages. Yet our forefathers didn’t limit caroling
to Christmas: they wrote carols for every season of the year
covering the entire story of our Redemption, not to mention secular
topics at times.
This episode explores the origin of carols in England, their
cultural meaning, and how they were suppressed by the Puritans and
were revived in modern times. And of course, you’ll hear a lot of
great music throughout, ranging from historically informed
performance to modern arrangements!
Erik Routley, The English Carol
Andrew Gant, The Carols of Christmas

All music in this episode used with permission from the
recording artist and/or label.
Agincourt Carol, Alamire
Nowell sing we both all and some, Quire Cleveland
Gabriel From Heaven’s King, Quire Cleveland
A Virgin Most Pure, Stairwell Carolers
Coventry Carol, Harry Christophers and the Sixteen, available on
the CORO record label at
Bedfordshire May Carol, Shirley Collins
Remember O Thou Man, The King’s Singers
Wassail (Gloucestershire Wassail, arr. Vaughan Williams), Quire
Green Growth the Holly, Early Music New York—Frederick Renz,
My Dancing Day, Robert Shaw Chorale

Drive the Cold Winter Away, Owain Phyfe and the New World
Renaissance Band
In the Bleak Midwinter, Quire Cleveland
Lullay My Liking (Holst), HSVPA Madrigal Singers (Houston, TX)

A Hymn to the Virgin (Britten), VOCES8
There is no rose, Quire Cleveland
Thanks to all, but especially to Ross W. Duffin for his
generosity with Quire Cleveland’s back catalogue!
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A Waverly Consort Christmas: From East Anglia to

Other non-famous carols mentioned: Seven
Virgins (The Leaves of Life); This Endris Night; Tempus adest
floridum (Good King Wenceslas); Kingsfold (I heard the voice of
Jesus say); The Cherry Tree Carol; Masters In This Hall; The Golden
Carol; Snow in the Street; New Prince, New Pomp
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