V from BTS was praised for breaking gender stereotypes in fashion

FOR years, BTS singer Taehyung (aka V) has been a style icon, and is also admired for his ability to challenge gender stereotypes and wear whatever he wants. V wore every style with ease.

He was nothing short of a style icon, both on and off stage. We’ve all seen him in skinny jackets and skinny jeans, but the singer also has a knack for nonchalantly defying gender bias while he looks pretty stylish.

A video recently released by YouTuber Dia.sister, a jewelry-focused style enthusiast, identified a number of celebrities who she believes are breaking gender stereotypes by wearing pearl jewelry. EV was on the list, along with a few other male celebrities. Pearls are often considered to be something women wear to meet society’s expectations, and seeing someone as good-looking and confident as V wearing the striking accent is a pleasure to witness.

Other male celebrities included on the list include Harry Styles, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, actor Lee Dong-Hwi, WINNER’s Mino, HIGHLIGHT’s Yang Yoseob and major league baseball star Joc Pederson.

V has always been recognized for his efforts to break down barriers and embrace fashion in its purest form rather than conforming to conventional standards. The V of BTS constantly manages to capture people’s attention and hearts. He is not only extremely bright, but he is also a great trendsetter!