Watch Joe Rogan realize in real time that the story he’s talking about is actually fake news

The embarrassing moment Joe Rogan slowly he realized the problem he was ranting passionately about what actually fake news went viral on social media.

In an episode of “Joe Rogan’s experiencePodcast published on Spotify last week, host Rogan has launched (non-existent) plans to ban people in Australia from growing their own food.

The people behind the (denials) proposals they were “fucking creeps,” Rogan raged, suggesting it was an extension of the restrictions on the COVID pandemic and a way to eliminate anti-vaxxers.

Things quickly went wrong for Rogan, though, when he wasn’t able to back up the story: neither he nor his producer were able to find concrete details about the plans online.

“It has to be real. It sounds too good not to be, “admitted Rogan, whose show was recently involved disinformation about the coronavirus Other racist scandals. She admitted to being a “fucking moron“and” not a respected source of information, not even for me. “

“Damn it. It’s better not to be fake. It could be fake,” he added.