What is It? And How to Mentor — BC Alliance for Arts + Culture

Have you just hired a student for a summer work placement? Or maybe they’re starting soon? Whether this is the first time you’ve supervised a student, or there’ve been many before them, as a partner in their education, revisiting what it means to be their mentor is an important step.Download the latest resource from Talent MATCH, “How to Be A Good Mentor.” This document explores the difference between supervision and mentorship and offers tips on being an effective mentor.And if you need guidance on how to supervise a student remotely, or need a check-list for the onboarding process, there are tip sheets for that too . Looking for more resources or need additional support? Employers can connect with Project Manager Debby Reis at talentmatch@acewilbc.ca and students can reach out to Talent MATCH’s Career Coach, Alana Hibbert at ahibbert@uvic.ca.