107 – Prayer as a Political Problem with Brandon McGinley

This is the discussion of an interesting 1967 booklet that is part of the speech, Prayer as a Political Problem by Jean Danielou, SJ, recently reprinted by Cluny Media. In this book that seems confusingly ahead of its time, ahead of its time and (unpleasantly) its own times, Danielou insists that prayer is a constituent part of the temporal common good. Governments, therefore, have a responsibility to create conditions that make it easy for ordinary people to lead a spiritual life. Danielou’s claim that religion and prayer are also necessary for the temporal good of civilizations is timely and his reflections on the dangers of technological civilization are precious. The book is not without its problematic aspects, however, particularly Danielou’s peculiar sociological definition of religion. Brandon McGinley, who has addressed this topic in his books, joins the show to discuss Danielou’s work.

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