An Iowa student with rare cancer makes the trip of a lifetime to the Michigan football game

BLUFFS COUNCIL, Iowa. (KMTV) – At first glance, Joe Miller might seem like a typical high schooler, but this past year has been anything but typical for him and his family. He is living with the effects of liver cancer.

“It’s super rare, actually, doctors said they’ve never seen it. It’s usually cancer that is found in younger children or babies and I got it at 16,” Joe said.

He missed the entire second year due to chemotherapy and months in the hospital. Earlier this year, she received a liver transplant.

“It has been a long journey for our family and it still continues,” said his father Dan Miller.

After a difficult year, family friend Jason Kaiman stepped in and made a huge gesture. Since Joe is an avid University of Michigan fan, Kaiman paid for a dream trip to Ann Arbor. He took care of everything from the hotels and equipment to the sidelines.

“Last weekend, we got pre-game and post-game passes, and our seats were right behind the Michigan bench, like three rows up,” said Joe.

Joe also met his idol, Wolverine quarterback JJ McCarthy.

“I met him on the sideline before the game, I got to talk to him a little later,” said Joe.

For Kaiman, granting the wish was child’s play, calling Michigan games “life-changing” and “electric” for fans like Joe.

“I was paid back … a hundredfold for the money I spent. It was just incredible,” said Kaiman.

Dan believes Kaiman’s good deed reflects Joe and his kind heart, which he has kept despite all his challenges.

“The things he’s been through, a 16-year-old boy shouldn’t have to deal with. Unfortunately, cancer finds its best,” Dan said.

Joe’s mom says she smiled 72 hours straight. While she is still being treated, she reminds us all, “the world is full of kind and generous people”.