Anthony Carrigan Breaks Down NoHo Hank’s Emotional ‘Barry’ Season Three Finale

To be able to go from this place of, “Everything’s going to work out, I don’t know how, but I’m just trusting that true love will take over,” and then to be brought down to this place where he’s handcuffed to a radiator and he’s next to be eaten by this thing on the other side of the wall, just as an actor is just a wonderful thing to be able to play.When you talk about red herrings and alternate versions, was there ever a point in time where it seemed like Hank and Cristobal would escape to New Mexico and live happily ever after?I seem to remember a certain storyline that may have gone that way, but this is the kind of theory that never was. So I can’t spend too much time on that.Where do you think Hank will go from here? He’s obviously seen and done some horrible things, but he’s such a cheerful guy. Will this be the thing to finally change his demeanor?I think that a theme for most of these characters is trauma and how trauma doesn’t just dissipate when you get what you want. It doesn’t just go away at the end of the story, when the hero wins. I think what’s being shown is that trauma just sticks around. I’m very curious to see how that’s going to unfold in the coming episodes as well.On a lighter note: am I imagining it or did his wardrobe get a lot more fun this season?Listen, his wardrobe has always been just something that I look forward to. I don’t walk, I run to my costume fittings. And it’s really funny, too, because when I go into my costume fittings, I know instantly when I put something on whether it’s Hank or not. I’ll put on a polo that’s just very tight. And if I just start moving like Hank, then it makes the cut.Do you have a favorite NoHo Hank look?This green knit top with a little zipper at the top. It didn’t disappear off the back of the truck, but there’s still time.I want to go all the way back to the beginning of Barry for a second. I know your character was supposed to be killed off in the pilot and, after seeing your audition, they wanted to keep you on. Once it aired, when did it start occurring to you that he’s the fan favorite?When people just start yelling the lines that you said to you, down the street, from a window in New York City, it’s pretty cool to be able to think that, “Wow, all right, this character’s made quite an impact.”It started happening almost immediately. The first episode that I shot the first day, my scene where I’d come out and say, “Hey, man,” was a big hit around set. Then on the second day when I showed up, everyone was saying, “Hey, man.” Even the sound guy who came over and clipped my microphone on me came over and very quietly said, “Hey, man.”This interview has been edited and condensed.