Australian supermarket price rise: $40 for green beans shocks internet

As the cost of fresh produce continues to increase, the price for a very common vegetable has sparked outrage and confusion.A Reddit user has shared the latest example of the insane cost of Australian produce, with one supermarket attempting to sell green beans for $39.99 a kilo.Amid growing concern over rising produce prices, Reddit user thegoosedrawsnear, shared the photo alongside the caption: “I see your $6 cucumber and raise you green beans.” The sign advertising green beans, which can also be known as round beans, for $39.99/kg, appears to be from a Harris Farm Markets, which is a medium grocery chain that operates in NSW and Queensland.Responding to the post, many users thought the price must be a typo. “Big oof, these used to be $5 per kg during simpler times. Time to regurgitate my food so that I can eat it again and save on expenses,” one comment read.Another said: “$40/kg for green beans! I bought pork belly today for $19/kilo. I bought fresh salmon for $28/kg. WTF. Frozen green beans would be about $5/kg. Ridiculous.”The original poster also added that they saw someone buying the beans for the advertised price. Despite this, Harris Farms has the product listed online for a reduced cost of $29.98/kg. has contacted the grocery chain for further comment. In comparison, Coles Online appears to offer the vegetable for $10.90/kg. While currently out-of-stock, the beans will cost you the same amount at Woolworths too. “I was actually behind someone at the register who was buying them while complaining about the price,” they wrote. The much-maligned iceberg lettuce has also experienced a 300 per cent price rise in the last months. While many joked that it’s not the proffered lettuce varietal, photos have emerged of the item being sold for up to $11.99 a head. The price hike has even caused fast food outlets including KFC, Subway, Red Rooster and Oporto to introduce a lettuce and cabbage mix for their burgers and other products. Another Reddit user also shared a sign advertising $5.99 cucumbers, with people baffled at the steep price tag. One commenter said: “99 per cent water … expensive.” “I’m not paying $6 for a cucumber just to ignore it in the fridge ’til it’s a liquid,” said another. Although the war in Ukraine and the continued supply-chain issues caused by Covid have affected the price of things like petrol and mineral resources, Australia’s recent unprecedented rain and flooding can shoulder a large part of the blame for the hike in produce costs. Devastating floods and unprecedented rain earlier this year in Queensland’s Lockyer Valley, Scenic Rim and Stanthorpe have wiped out entire crops. “The reason why the prices are so dear is because there is not much stock around. Farmers who should be harvesting 100 to 200 pallets a day are maybe down to 10 pallets,” Velisha Farms managing director Catherine Velisha told 9News.Officially, the Consumer Price Index reports that the cost of fruits and vegetables grew by 6.7 per cent between the 2021 to 2022 March quarters, with overall inflation increasing by 2.1 per cent to 5.1 per cent. Costs for meats and seafood also increased by 6.2 per cent in the past year, with bread and cereal, dairy and dairy-related products and food products reporting a 3, 4.1, and 4.2 per cent price hike. Originally published as Insane $40 price for green beans shocks internet