Define the future using next generation IP Intelligence solutions

With the continued growth of intellectual property and related innovation data, how confident are you that your intelligence tools provide the information you need to make the right intellectual property decisions? Can these tools give you an accurate picture of your tech dominance, competitive activity, and emerging threats?

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By combining advanced IP data with powerful search technology, next-generation tools enable IPs and business executives around the world to find useful information and make business decisions in R&D, IP and business with greater confidence.

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  • Today’s challenges for data-driven innovative organizations, such as how to bring innovation to market faster.
  • How can you increase your competitive advantage by including IP data in your analytics and workflows?
  • What critical information can you obtain by correlating patents, trademarks, litigation, non-patent literature, firmographic data and third party owners?
  • The Clarivate Way – Bridge the trust gap in your IP research and analytics

Our speakers:
Rohit Gorges
Principal consultant, Clarivate