“Don’t Worry Darling” is finally in the cinema: will the public go to see it?

Several high-profile controversies, dozens of behind-the-scenes articles, and a relentless wave of Chris Pine memes thereafter, Don’t worry honey is finally a movie in theaters that people can really see. The 1950s period thriller, centered on a young couple in a mysterious corporate city in California, stars Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Pine and Olivia Wilde, also a director.

Don’t worry honey was the epicenter of industry gossip due to rumors of tension on the set, Pugh’s lack of involvement in the film’s press race, and controversy over the role of the male lead, which originally went to Shia LaBeouf, which Wilde has claimed to have fired only for the controversial actor to provide evidence that appeared to disprove him.

In an article published on Sept. 23, Vulture spoke to film industry executives about how they expect the film to hit the box office after its bizarre press campaign. One executive the outlet spoke to dubbed its financial estimates “schizophrenic,” while another said pre-release monitoring grew from $ 16 million to $ 20 million around its premiere at the Film Festival. Venice, which gave us the memes Pine, spitgate, and some heavily-dissected quotes from Wilde, before subsequently falling back to around $ 16 million. “Their campaign keeps changing,” an executive told Vulture. “’It’s a thriller!’ No, I’m just kidding. “It’s a romantic drama!” Kim Kardashian liked it on Instagram. The audience is like, What the fuck is going on?

The Vulture piece also includes new information from someone he allegedly was on Don’t worry honey set that gives credence to the widely held belief that there was tension between Pugh and Wilde. The source said the actress was frustrated that her director would be missing for extended periods on set, ostensibly to spend time with Styles, whom she began dating while they were filming. This culminated in a “screaming match” between Pugh and Wilde, which forced a high-level decision maker from Warner Bros. to attempt to broker the peace between the star and the director. (There are rumors that Pugh should have made a cameo on Wilde-ex Jason Sudeikis’ hit show. ted lasso, also, which would add another layer of intrigue.)

According to Deadline, the film grossed $ 3.1 million in previews on Thursday, a harbinger of a weekend of between $ 20 and $ 26 million. Another piece from Deadline highlighted that Styles’ fan base would be the key to the film’s success and that the film had a greater impact on social media than similar images. Sources in Vulture’s story wonder if his fans could create negative word of mouth if they’re disappointed that it’s not enough in the film, leading to a crater at the second weekend box office.

Critics ‘response to the film was toned down, with reviewers praising the film’s appearance and Pugh’s core performance, but arguing that Styles’ performance did not match the film’s intense moments and that her views on feminism and on gender roles they have too broad a focus. Selling points like The New Yorker Other Weekly entertainment they praised the film, however, stressing that viewers should engage with it despite the negative vortex of the press.

It is possible that the combination of star power and tantalizing dysfunctions is pushing Don’t worry honey strong returns at the box office. Imagine if they give the green light to a sequel.