Elon Musk could get more Twitter data than he bargained for

Elon Musk threatened to pull out of his Twitter acquisition deal if the social media company couldn’t provide data to back up its bot number claims but could now get more data than he bargained for.
The New York Times reported that is it not yet clear whether Musk will gain full or partial access to the data, but at the same time, the Washington Post said he would be allowed to review Twitter’s data “firehose”.
This could include access to over 500 million tweets posted on the platform each day.
Musk threatened to pull out of the Twitter deal in May, saying that the social media company’s claim that bots make up less than 5% of the users on its platform was a significant underestimation.
He gave Twitter an ultimatum to prove its claims, or he would walk away from the deal.
The billionaire tweeted, “this deal cannot move forward” unless Twitter provides proof of its claims, reiterating his view that the proportion is far higher.
In response to Musk’s claims, Twitter CEO Parag Argawal shared the company’s methodology to determine bot numbers.
Musk questioned why Twitter couldn’t just call users to verify their identity. He also posted a poop emoji in response.
Twitter’s decision to allow Musk access to its expanse of data could make it more difficult for him to pull out of the deal.
In April 2022, Musk agreed to buy Twitter for $44 billion (R672 billion) or $54.20 (R828.00 per share). The deal has been on hold following the disagreement over bot data.

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