“Execution Matters More Than Words”: How MaxAb supports up to 400,000 companies in Egypt

“Execution Matters More Than Words”: How MaxAb supports up to 400,000 companies in Egypt

The fourth episode of the International Finance Corporation’s “#IFCinConversation” series features MaxAb co-founder and CEO Belal El-Megharbel.

MaxAb, Egypt’s leading “super retailer app”, is a B2B e-commerce platform in the form of an application for ordering wholesale food and groceries.

While the COVID-19 pandemic saw many digital grocery stores seize the opportunity to deliver goods to their customers’ doorsteps, MaxAb acted as a pioneer of such digitization long before the pandemic struck. MaxAb aims to increase the revenue of companies in Egypt by providing them with an accessible platform through which they can easily order stocks delivered in less than 24 hours.

“We at MaxAb noticed this trend towards digitalization long before the pandemic,” says El-Megharbel. “So when it hit, we were in the best position to offer a very reliable service to these merchants in very uncertain times.”

Learn more about MaxAb and how it supports Egyptian retailers by clicking a button by watching the full episode embedded above.

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