Is Moto RAZR (2022) linked to the United States?

In early August, Lenovo unveiled the latest generation of the RAZR by Motorola, made exclusively for the Chinese market. At the time, it didn’t seem like a global rollout for the device was going to happen anytime soon. Honestly, no one would blame Lenovo for keeping the foldable in its home country given the foldable market as it is. By that I mean completely dominated by Samsung, at least here in the US.

Today, it looks like Lenovo may be taking the device out of China, after all, with English-text marketing images being discovered and later leaked by the one. @evleaks.

Now, just because the images show the English text, that doesn’t mean US buyers should get excited again. One of the images clearly shows the WhatsApp messaging user interface, which is not the most used app here in the US. It’s definitely a thing outside of the US, so these images could mean the phone is coming to Canada and / or European markets. We really don’t know, and why we’re not quite sure where @evleaks found these images, we may not know until when Lenovorola makes an announcement.

I’ll say one thing: this isn’t a bad phone. While the first foldable RAZR might be considered one of the worst phones ever, we’re all in favor of improvements and advancements. Just because the first was bad and the second wasn’t great doesn’t mean the third iteration will share the same fate. After all, the third time is a spell.

Do you want this to arrive in the United States?

// @evleaks