Keep a fitness journal and be patient with yourself

It’s week 3, how are you feeling?
By now, if you spent week 2 moving, you should be riding that exercise high. Don’t stop, keep going.
“Your body is adjusting and is getting used to moving more muscles,” said Mel Tiglao.
Meng Manapul-Peret suggests adding a new workout to complement your cardio. She recommends HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Sign up for classes—there are plenty online.
Coach Algie Carlos says that making necessary changes in your diet is crucial as you continue to exercise.
“Eat clean,” he says. “Eighty percent of the result comes from your diet and only 20 percent from working out.”
He suggests seeing a licensed nutritionist or dietitian so that they can create a program for you based on what your body needs. (You can do this online as well—you don’t have to leave the safety of your home if you don’t want to.)
“Follow the food pyramid and the recommended caloric intake for healthy individuals,” he says. “Lessen salty and sugary intake to avoid water retention and make sure to keep hydrated. Always take eight to 10 glasses of water every day.”
Steel-cut oats with mangoes and chia seeds
Trainer/coach Luis “Degu” de Guzman says, “Set yourself up to succeed, especially when the initial motivation starts to waver. Stimulus control—it can be as simple as waking up and putting on workout attire so you’re better prepared to work out.”
Meng agrees. “Don’t hold yourself back on investing—activewear, shoes, weights and more activewear!”
Take photos!
Charyn Lim says it’s a good time to connect and follow other people who inspire you on your fitness journey. “Make friends in the online classes you attend, follow athletes, groups or people who do the same type of workout as you to keep you inspired and push you!”
“Keep a fitness journal,” says Coach Algie.
“Eat clean,” says Coach Algie. “Eighty percent of the result comes from your diet and only 20 percent from working out.”
Tracking your progress can help you stay motivated, says Mel. “Take photos of your body. You can find fitness inspiration on Pinterest on how to do it. Take a photo of yourself using a self-timer: front, left side, right side and back. Notice the changes in you. You’ll feel yourself getting stronger, happier, more calm, sleeping better, less tired as you progress.”
Enjoy the process, she says. “Be patient with yourself. Slow progress is progress and it is better than not starting.”
And instead of looking for constant motivation, make the decision to focus, says Coach Algie.
“Motivation can fluctuate at any moment. If you base your fitness journey on having motivation, you will not succeed. Instead, have a mindset of building a healthy habit, discipline yourself to stay committed and focus on the goal—a healthy lifestyle!”
Keep exercising, get good sleep, stay hydrated and choose what you eat—trust us, healthy food can be absolutely delicious.
We’ll be back next week to check in on you. INQ