Keychron’s Q5 QMK Keyboard Offers Full-Sized Functionality In a Small Package – Review Geek

Keychron just added an impressive new keyboard to its mechanical arsenal. The Q5 QMK comes in the rare 1800 (96%) layout, offering full-sized features like a function row and numpad in a compact package. Of course, it’s also fully customizable, has a backlight, and comes with Gateron G Pro switches.
The new Q5 QMK is a nice alternative to Keychron’s Q3 QMK, a tenkeyless keyboard that we reviewed back in May. It’s intended for macOS and works wirelessly, though you can also pair it with a Windows PC over a USB-C wired connection.

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Notably, the Q5 QMK’s fully assembled configuration comes with Gateron G Pro Red, Blue, or Brown switches. The OSA PBT keycaps are comfortable and easily swappable, and a 1000Hz polling rate ensures low latency when gaming.

I should also point out the Q5 QMK’s arrow keys, which may be deal-breaker for some people. These keys are crammed between Shift, Ctrl, Enter, and the numpad, which isn’t super convenient for gaming. Of course, that’s the trade-off for a compact design that’s about an inch smaller than Keychron’s full-sized models.
You can order the Keychron Q5 QMK fully assembled for $185, or get the bare-bones hardware for $165