Lutheran community of the valley that supports young people who fight cancer

SAGINAW TWP., Mich. (WNEM) – The Lutheran community of Valley is gathering around one of them as he continues to fight cancer.

On Monday night, all members of the college boys’ soccer team wore orange socks during the match against Saginaw Nouvel to support Jack Koltvedt, a second year at Valley Lutheran who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

“I love that we’re doing this to support him, and I think it’s really great,” said Micah Cmeyla, a young Valley Lutheran. “He is probably one of my closest friends. I went to elementary school with him. “

Orange is the color for leukemia awareness. Jack said he felt good enough to join the game and said he is grateful for everyone’s support.

“I feel so honored to see all of this,” said Jack. “It’s overwhelming in a good way. It’s great to know that all of these people support me. “

Support continued online as Jack’s high school friends opened a GoFundMe page to help his family with medical bills. The fundraiser has already exceeded its $ 10,000 goal.

“We always talk about our school being family and it was family time,” said Doug Guenther, head coach of Valley Lutheran. “It was the time when everyone gathered to pray for Jack, to remember Jack. I have Jack in class this year. He was supposed to have Jack in class this year. So let’s keep thinking about him and praying for him at school as much as possible. We want Jack to be part of our family so when he comes back he can feel welcome. “

Jack said there are still months to go to classes in person, but said he is starting to feel more like himself again and is looking forward to being declared cancer free someday.