Newly packaged Oregon Coast Art Bus unveiled

While the Oregon Coast Art Bus’s stunning new look was the focus of an unveiling event at the Newport Performing Arts Center on August 18, the reaction from local youth stole the show.

Liza Mana Burns answers questions about the symbols of the artwork for the young people present at the presentation.

As the newly packaged Art Bus entered the event, sporting the vibrant and colorful Celebrate Oregon! Works of art developed by the Oregon Cultural Trust – The children of Newport were busy making their own artistic creations, demonstrating the mission of the Art Bus. Then, fascinated, they joined artist Liza Mana Burns to explore her creation and the many symbols within it.

“What is that?” a child proclaimed, pointing. “It’s a sticky rice basket,” Lise replied. “Lao people use it to make sticky rice: it’s really good!” They discovered the gray whale, which a girl decided she “swam both ways”. And they tilted their heads to better see a symbol for conversation.

It was a perfect combination of art and access. The Oregon Coast Art Bus eliminates transportation and cost barriers for youth on the Oregon coast without regular access to hands-on arts activities. It is an Oregon Coast Council for the Arts program.

“We believe absolutely everyone deserves access to the arts,” says Jason Holland, executive director of the Oregon Coast Council for the Arts, which operates the Art Bus. “The Art Bus helps us make it happen, literally, and creative experiences come from his work”.

Celebrate Oregon! the artwork was developed by the Cultural Trust in an 18-month process involving more than 100 statewide designators, artists, jury members and content experts. The goal was to create a single work of art that honors and respects this place, its people and the diversity of our cultural practices. The artwork, which debuted on the Cultural Trust’s new plaque in October 2021, is now featured in life-size murals at Oregon airports in Eugene, Medford, Redmond, and Portland – it also appears on a 38-foot banner. walk outside the Portland Art Museum.

“The artwork brings the Oregon Cultural Trust to the fore,” says Niki Price, president of the Cultural Trust Board. “It helps everyone understand that we celebrate what is colorful, vibrant and exciting in Oregon.”

The Cultural Trust supports nonprofits in the arts, heritage and humanities sectors throughout the state of Oregon through the cultural tax credit. Oregonians who match their donations to cultural organizations with a gift to the Cultural Trust receive a 100% state tax credit for their Trust donation. Meanwhile, the legislator sets aside those funds to finance cultural projects. Oregonians allocated a record $ 5.7 million in their state taxes to finance the arts, heritage and humanities in fiscal year 2022.

As a result, a record $ 3.4 million was awarded to 138 cultural organizations in August. The Trust’s three grant programs fund five state partners, 45 county and tribal coalitions, and qualified cultural nonprofits through competitive cultural development grants. The remaining 40 percent of the funds raised are invested in a permanent fund for culture.