Photo: The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Britain and the world said their last goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II at a state funeral on Monday that attracted presidents and kings, princes and prime ministers – and crowds that flocked to the streets of London to honor a monarch the whose reign of 70 years defined an age.

An eventful day in London and Windsor began early when the doors of the 900-year-old Westminster Hall were closed to mourners after hundreds of thousands showed up in front of his flag-wrapped coffin. Many had waited for hours in line, even on cold nights, to witness the lie in an outlet of collective pain and respect.

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II arrives for her state funeral on Monday at Westminster Abbey in London.

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II arrives for her state funeral on Monday at Westminster Abbey in London.

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The guards carry the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II.

Members of the Queen’s Company, 1st Grenadier Battalion, carry the coffin of Elizabeth II.

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Flags line up as a procession marches through London.

Police and military personnel escort Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin after her funeral service at Westminster Abbey in London.

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People observe two minutes of silence.

People observe two minutes of silence on the day of the state funeral service of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.

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Troops and guards are massed outside Westminster Abbey.

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin leaves Westminster Abbey after her funeral.

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The royal family follows behind the coffin.

King Charles III, the queen consort, Camilla and Princess Anne are among those following the coffin out of Westminster Abbey. A note from Charles is found in the floral arrangement above.

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Service members surround Queen Elizabeth II's coffin.

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin is brought to Westminster Abbey for her funeral.

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A girl holds a balloon with a photo of the queen and a Union Jack flag.

A girl holds a special balloon for the occasion as crowds in Hyde Park watch the funeral on giant screens.

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A crowd of students fills a room to watch TV.

Students attend Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral at Gordonstoun School, Moray, where King Charles III once embarked.

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    Princess Charlotte and Prince George travel by car with Queen consort Camilla.

British princess Charlotte goes to the funeral next to her brother, Prince George, in a car with Camilla, the queen consort.

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A woman in a busy park holds a teacup and wipes her eyes.

A mourner reacts as he watches the Queen’s funeral on big screens in Hyde Park.

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A wide view of the queen's coffin escorted by the troops.

Members of the armed forces march during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral procession in London.

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A motorcade drives the Mall in London.

The procession of King Charles III travels the Mall before the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Members of the Royal Navy stand under the line of photographers.

Members of the Royal Navy stand outside Westminster Abbey on the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

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