Qld: Police Commissioner Katrina Carroll says group of 400 teens behind crime wave

A police commissioner has revealed that a “tough group” of teenagers is behind almost half of the criminal activity in their state.Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll says there is a teen crime “phenomenon” sweeping across the country.She told 4BC radio host Scott Emerson that while a crackdown on youth crime in Queensland had brought the number of unique offenders down, the state was facing a stubborn group of teen offenders.“We have been extraordinarily successful over the years with 90 per cent of that youth crime,” Ms Carroll told 4BC on Tuesday afternoon. “Our greatest challenge is this really tough group of young people, that 10 per cent that are committing around 48 per cent of the crime.“That’s about 400 youth across the state. We know these people, we interact with these people all the time, they have been the ones that have been relentlessly offending.”Ms Carroll said she had been in contact with police commissioners from across the country and this wave of youth crime was becoming a nationwide “phenomenon”.There are 100 more juvenile offenders in custody in Queensland than there was a year ago.A Youth Justice Taskforce was announced in early 2021, leading to the creation of 80 intensive case management panels across Queensland.“The intensive case management has just come into form in the last couple of months and that is departments sharing information, coming down really to what kids, what suburbs, what districts so we actually know who the child is,” Ms Carroll said. She said once police better understood the offending child they were able to understand what was contributing to their criminal behaviour and were able to work out how to break the cycle of reoffending. “It is a cycle of offending, it is a very complex group of kids,” Ms Carroll said. “How do we intervene with them and how do we intervene with their families, how do we get them back to education, how do we divert them?” are some of the questions she said the force was now asking. “We are seeing some improvement but this is not an easy fix overnight,” she said. “It’s changing that child’s life, changing that serious repeat offending.”Originally published as ‘Phenomenon’: Qld Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll’s startling revelation