Sharks are very frightened against Zebras, run away with the opening victory of the URC

The Sharks were clinical and dominant in the first half of the United Rugby Championship opening match against Zebre in Parma, taking the lead 28-3 after half an hour, but the last 45 minutes saw them show opposite characteristics as they were lucky. to escape with a 42-37 victory.

Zebre seemed to have snatched a splendid comeback win in 77th minute when replacement winger Jacopo Trulla crossed the line for the second time in two minutes, brilliantly finishing brilliant counter-attacks, but the referees spotted an attack on the far side of the pitch that gave the Sharks a huge respite.

Replacement prop Juan Manuel Pitanari had knocked Werner Kok off the ball as he chased the kick-off and, instead of potentially being 41-39 behind in the finals, opening half Boeta Chamberlain was able to kick a penalty that led the Sharks to 42-34.

Skillful Zebras opener Tiff Eden then kicked a penalty on the other side in the last minute to make sure the hosts at least took home two well-deserved bonus points.

Having produced such compelling rugby in the first half, dominant strikers laying the platform and baseline rushing into solid defense, it was inexplicable that the Sharks were so stuck on their back foot in the second half. The whims of the momentum will be blamed, but there is no doubt that the visitors gave up the initiative.

The initial momentum was precisely that of the Sharks when Zebre started the game in a wild way, suffering two yellow cards, one of which could easily have been a red, and a series of penalties.

Impressed independent observers

Through good and cohesive team play, the Sharks capitalized and had scored four tries by 27th minute, two of attacker and two of full-back, which summed up the balance of their game, which would surely have impressed the independent observers.

Rohan Janse van Rensburg, who plays outside center, looks to a nice takeover by the Sharks. He led forcefully, along with propeller Thomas du Toit, for the Reniel Hugo block opening try, and grabbed the fourth try with a powerful finish after his midfield mate Ben Tapuai had sent Chamberlain, who had a good half-court match, cutting through with a smooth inside ball.

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But the Zebras played again in the second half, their comeback started in the first half of injury when they finally controlled the ball long enough to create some pressure.

The Sharks briefly managed to break free from Zebre’s dominance in the second half when the arrival of tighthead replacement prop Carlu Sadie resulted in a penalty in his first scrum from Chamberlain, and then a big front foot ball on the second flank he saw. James Venter to score.

But the Sharks defense gave the dangerous Zebras runners too much time and space on the ball in the second half.


zebra: near – Luca Bigi, Simone Gesi, Taina Fox-Matamua, Gabriele Venditti, Jacopo Trulla. conversions – Tiff Eden (3). sanctions – Eden (2).

sharks: near – Reniel Hugo, Kerron van Vuuren, Werner Kok, Rohan Janse van Rensburg, James Venter. conversions – Boeta Chamberlain (4). sanctions – Chamberlain (3).

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