Smithfield, Queensland: 11 people injured in multi-vehicle crash

Eleven people have been taken to hospital after a major multi-vehicle crash involving a bus in a suburban area of Queensland.A multi-vehicle crash involving a bus in suburban Cairns in Queensland has put 11 people in hospital with serious and minor injuries on Wednesday. Police are yet to confirm the details of the minibus and ute crash that took place at the Smithfield bypass at 10.40am. Queensland Ambulance Service Smithfield officer in charge Michael Low said 12 patients were assessed by paramedics at the scene, with injuries ranging from minor to critical. Those injured included a man who was trapped in a vehicle with “significant leg and hip injuries” and a woman with head and neck injuries. “On arrival, paramedics were confronted with 12 patients, majority of those patients in their 50s,” Mr Low said. Eleven people were rushed to Cairns hospital, including five in a serious condition and six in stable conditions – one person did not need to be transported. More than 11 ambulances responded to the crash, including critical care paramedics and multiple police crews. More to comeOriginally published as Smithfield, Qld: 11 people injured in multi-vehicle crash