The Brazilian man survives 11 days floating alone in a freezer on the ocean


According to reports from CNN affiliate Record TV, a Brazilian man survived 11 days in the Atlantic Ocean last month, taking refuge in a freezer after his boat sank.

The man, Romualdo Macedo Rodrigues, is a fisherman. During a three-day fishing trip in early August, cracks in his boat began to fill with water, sinking the ship off the coast of northern Brazil. He was able to jump inside the floating refrigerator to stay alive and a group of fishermen found him 11 days later off the coast of Suriname.

According to Record TV he was treated in a Suriname hospital and held by the authorities for a few days because he did not have adequate documentation. He now he is back in Brazil. “I was born again. I thought I wasn’t going to tell this story, but I’m back here, “he added.

“I was desperate. I thought my end had come. But thank God, God gave me another chance, “Rodrigues told Record TV.” I saw that (the freezer) wasn’t sinking. kept normal.

The fisherman says he can’t swim.

“The sharks were surrounding the freezer, but they are gone. I thought (I was going to be attacked). I stayed on top (of the freezer), I didn’t sleep, I didn’t sleep. I saw the sunrise, the sunset, asking God to send someone to save me. “Eventually the water started to creep into the freezer and he says he used his hand to pick it up. He had no food or water.

“I was thinking of my children, of my wife. Every day I thought of my mother, my father, my whole family. She gave me strength and hope … but at the moment I thought there was no other way, “he told Record TV.

When the fishermen arrived, he said: “I heard a noise and there was a boat over the freezer. They just thought there was no one there. Then they stopped, my vision was already slowly fading, then I said, ‘My God, the boat.’ I raised my arms and asked for help ”. Rodrigues was grateful to survive.

“That freezer was God in my life. The only thing I had was the freezer. He was a miracle. ”