Watch: Protester disrupts launch of rebranded McDonald’s in Moscow

A protester disrupted the launch event for Russia’s rebranded McDonald’s restaurants in Moscow on Sunday, holding a sign that read “Bring back Big Mac”. He lifted the sign above his head and started chanting “Bring back Big Mac, bring back Big Mac!” before being ushered away by the restaurant’s staff members. As the reporters’ microphones sprang toward him, the protester reiterated his protest and promoted his social media page.After McDonald’s left the Russian market following the country’s invasion of Ukraine, all the restaurants left vacant in the country were sold to a Russian entrepreneur. Now, the restaurants have reopened under new Russian ownership and a new name, Vkusno i tochka, meaning “Tasty, full stop”.Gone is the familiar McDonald’s motto – “I’m loving it” – and gone are the brand’s iconic products – including the Big Mac.