What Independence Day is all about for Gretchen Fullido

A day after Independence Day, Star Patroller Gretchen Fullido expressed her ideas on how the occasion should be celebrated by Filipinos.
Fullido feels that Philippine Independence Day should not only be a once-a-year celebration but an everyday one, as can be seen in her Instagram post yesterday, June 13. She shared a photo of herself, where she is wearing a Filipiniana gown.
“More than remembering our hard-earned freedom, may this day be an opportunity to appreciate Filipino heritage, culture and tradition,” she said.
For Fullido, every Filipino should appreciate the big and small efforts that our countrymen do to make the nation a better place.
“We may have different ways of showing our love for the Philippines but let us appreciate even the little things that we do to express how much we love our country,” she said.

“Be proud of every inch of you as a Filipino, celebrate Independence Day not just today but everyday,” she stressed.
To better drive home her idea, Fullido also shared a message from Carlos P. Romulo, the famous Filipino diplomat: “Let us teach our people again to be proud that they are Filipinos. Let us teach them to realize anew that being a Filipino means having as rich and noble a heritage of language, culture, patriotism and heroic deeds as any nation on earth…”
Meanwhile, aside from being a plantita, Fullido is also known as an animal lover and environmentalist. JB
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