Brownlow Medal 2022: Live vote count, start time, betting tips & odds, top contenders

The Grand Final-bound Cats are among the first arrivals on the Brownlow Medal red carpet. Skipper Joel Selwood, coach Chris Sxott and spearhead Jeremy Cameron have arrived as the AFL’s night of nights is held in earnest for the first time since 2019. Stay tuned for all the talking points from Crown. FOLLOW EVERY VOTE LIVE WITH OUR EXCLUSIVE BROWNLOW TRACKER BETTING GUIDE: JAMIE TATE’S BROWNLOW BEST BETS The Brownlow Medal isn’t all about who comes out with the top award. Savvy punters will know the club-by-club counts are just as thrilling and often closer than the overall count. While there’s six or seven leading contenders for the main prize, several of the club counts are tougher to predict. See our full breakdown of every club’s top chances and finish Brownlow night as a winner. THE FORMULAThe Herald Sun Player of the Year award was decided on 3-2-1 votes from each game.Champion Data used its player rankings to determine its 3-2-1 Brownlow Medal votes, also taking into account the winning team and a player’s voting history.JAMIE TATE’S BETTING STRATEGYLast year was a loss, unfortunately – a 16-unit outlay returned 10.1 units for a 5.9-unit loss. Seven legs of our nine-leg multi got up.That was on the back of a 9.5-unit win in 2020.It’s time to make the bookies weep!Fourteen TAB market favourites saluted last year and another was joint winner of his club. The bookies know their stuff.3-UNIT BETSShai Bolton (Rich) at $3.50Clayton Oliver (Melb) at $1.352-UNIT BETSNick Larkey (NM) at $5.50Peter Wright (Ess) at $211-UNIT BETSTaylor Walker (Adel) at $2.60Mason Redman (Ess) at $21Stephen Coniglio (GWS) at $2If you like multis, maybe take some or all of Hugh McCluggage ($1.03); Patrick Cripps ($1.05); Noah Anderson ($1.10); Clayton Oliver ($1.35); Connor Rozee ($1.25) and Josh Kennedy ($1.60).ADELAIDEHERALD SUN: Laird 19; Walker 10; Keays 6; Dawson 5; Smith, O’Brien 4; Rachele, Fogarty 2.CHAMPION DATA: Laird 17; Keays 11; Walker 10; Dawson, O’Brien 4; Rachele 3; Smith 2.TAB CLUB ODDS: (without Laird); $1.60 Keays; $2.60 Walker; $11 Dawson; $151 Fogarty.THE TIP: Laird (16 votes), Keays (11) and Walker (9) led Adelaide’s voting last year. Keays is a one & two-vote player (he polled in six games last year). Walker gets threes in wins in R5 (five goals) & R15 (six goals). Walker wins, just.BRISBANE LIONSHERALD SUN: Neale 26; McCluggage 17; Cameron 8; Bailey, Coleman 4; Daniher, Zorko, Starcevich, Rayner 3; Lyons, McStay, Andrews, McInerney 2.CHAMPION DATA: Neale 29; McCluggage 10; Lyons, Bailey 7; Zorko, Rayner 5; Rich, Berry 3; Cameron, Daniher, McCarthy 2. TAB CLUB ODDS: (without Neale); $1.03 McCluggage; $15 Bailey; $51 Zorko, Lyons; $67 Cameron.THE TIP: McCluggage polled a career-high 10 votes last season. Goals from midfielders attract votes. McCluggage’s 13 goals in 2021 were all singles. This season he booted 18 goals in H&A rounds included four from 26 disposals (R8) and four from 29 disposals (R18). He’s a little boost to your multis.CARLTONHERALD SUN: Cripps 20; Walsh 17; C. Curnow 16; Docherty 8; McKay 6; Kennedy 5; Saad 3; Hewett, Weitering, Cerra 2.CHAMPION DATA: Cripps 27; Walsh 23: C. Curnow 10; McKay 7; Hewett 6; Docherty, Cerra 5; Saad 4; Kennedy 3; Fisher 2.TAB CLUB ODDS: $1.05 Cripps; $8.50 Walsh; $21 C. Curnow; $101 Docherty.THE TIP: Cripps is my tip to win. His highest votes tally is 26 in 2019, but this year he posted career highs in wins (11) and goals (20). His start is super hot. By the end of round 8 he had registered six games of 30-plus disposals (five were wins) and booted 13 goals. Winning games makes a huge difference. Can he hold on? Just!COLLINGWOODHERALD SUN: Crisp, N. Daicos 12; De Goey 8; Lipinski 6; Cameron, Moore 5; Ginnivan, Mihocek, Sidebottom 4; Howe, Elliott 3.CHAMPION DATA: N. Daicos 11; Pendlebury, De Goey 6; Crisp 5; Sidebottom, Mihocek, J. Daicos, Grundy 3; Adams, Ginnivan 2.TAB CLUB ODDS: $2.25 Crisp; $3.25 N. Daicos; $6 De Goey; $7 J. Daicos; $51 Pendlebury, Cameron.THE TIP: Crisp enjoyed a career-best Brownlow to top the Pies’ voting in 2021 (11 votes). But he posted some of his best numbers in the first half of this season before his side caught fire. Wunderkid Nick Daicos posted three games of 36 disposals or more in wins (rounds 12, 15 & 18) in the back half of the season. He can top his club’s voting. It won’t be the last time.ESSENDONHERALD SUN: Merrett 12; Redman 9; Parish, Wright 8; Martin, McGrath, Draper, Stringer 2.CHAMPION DATA: Merrett 17; Parish 10; Wright 6; Redman 5; Draper 4; Shiel, Martin 3; Stringer 2.TAB CLUB ODDS: $1.12 Merrett; $5 Parish; $21 Wright, Redman; $21 Shiel, Redman.THE TIP: Merrett has reached double figures in each of the past six years. His numbers in 2022 were similar to when he polled 10 votes in 2018. He’s very beatable at $1.15. Don’t touch him. Wright and Redman can beat him. Wright kicked bags of six goals (Hawks, R8), four (Saints, R14) and five (Lions, R17). All were wins. He’s worth a dabble at $21.FREMANTLEHERALD SUN: Brayshaw 21; Serong 11; Brodie 10; Schultz, Lobb, Darcy, Aish 4; Mundy, Taberner 3; Acres, Young 2.CHAMPION DATA: Brayshaw 25; Lobb, Darcy 8; Ryan 7; Serong, Mundy 6; Brodie 4; Acres 3; Taberner, Aish, Walters 2.TAB CLUB ODDS: (without Brayshaw); $1.25 Brodie; $5.50 Serong; $15 Darcy; $34 Lobb; $41 Schultz.THE TIP: Brodie never polled a Brownlow vote in 49 games at Gold Coast. That’s about to change. Expect him to get three votes in round 4 against GWS (37 disposals). It’s hard to get a read on the Dockers’ voting. Best to stay away from this one.GEELONGHERALD SUN: Cameron 20; Stewart 14; C. Guthrie 10; Atkins, Dangerfield, Hawkins 7; Tuohy 6; Blicavs, Smith 5; De Koning 4; Parfitt, Holmes 3; Duncan, Henry 2.CHAMPION DATA: C. Guthrie 17; Cameron 15; Hawkins, Stewart 10; Dangerfield 6; Selwood, Duncan, Parfitt, Smith 5; Blicavs 4; Tuohy, Stengle 2.TAB CLUB ODDS: $1.15 Cameron; $5 Guthrie; $15 Stewart; $31 Dangerfield; $51 Duncan, Hawkins.THE TIP: Jeremy Cameron polled only six votes in 2021 – two three-voters against Richmond (six goals) and Port Adelaide (five goals). He had four games of five goals or more this year in rounds 3, 6, 8 & 12. All could be maximum votes. How will the umpires adjudicate his incredible consistency – eight other matches of three or four goals? Cam Guthrie registered 14 & 18 votes in the past two seasons. He’s been strong again. Cameron should win but he’s too risky at $1.15.GOLD COASTHERALD SUN: Miller 24; Witts 9; Anderson 7; Ellis 5; Rowell, Ainsworth 4; Sexton 3; Jeffrey, Collins, Budarick, Rankine, Swallow 2.CHAMPION DATA: Miller 20; Anderson 14; Rowell 12; Witts, Swallow 5; Weller, Chol, Rankine 3; Ellis, Ballard 2.TAB CLUB ODDS: (without Miller); $1.10 Anderson; $10 Witts; $18 Rowell; $21 Swallow: $51 Rankine.THE TIP: Anderson snared his first career votes last year (8) but his numbers went through the roof this season (average disposals 26.1 compared to 22.7 last season) and he booted 11 goals after not kicking a single major in 2021. Jarrod Witts is a fine player but has never polled more than two votes in a single season. Anderson wins here.GWS GIANTSHERALD SUN: Kelly 9; Coniglio 8; Hogan 6; Greene 5; Green 4; Taranto, Whitfield, Brown 3; Perryman, Himmelberg, Taylor 2.CHAMPION DATA: Coniglio 13; Kelly 10; Green 6; Greene, Whitfield, Taranto 4; Hogan 3; Peatling, Himmelberg, Ward 2.TAB CLUB ODDS: $1.75 Kelly; $2 Coniglio; $31 Taranto, Whitfield, Green; $51 Hogan.THE TIP: Coniglio booted 17 goals to Kelly’s nine. Coniglio was huge in wins in rounds 3, 7, 10 & 13. Kelly contributed but Coniglio was better. Both fade a touch, but it’s Coniglio in a photo finish.HAWTHORNHERALD SUN: Mitchell 11; Lewis 8; Gunston 7; Jiath 6; Sicily 4; Breust 3; Newcombe, Scrimshaw 2.CHAMPION DATA: Mitchell 11; Gunston 7; O’Meara, Sicily 5; Moore, Newcombe 3; Ward, Breust 2.TAB CLUB ODDS: $2.60 Mitchell; $3 Newcombe; $3.75 Gunston; $4.50 Sicily; $31 Lewis, Moore.THE TIP: Mitchell is a voting machine with tallies of 12 (2015), 12, 25, 28, 10 and 25 (last year) in his past six seasons (he missed all of 2019 because of injury). Sicily had a brilliant year but has never jagged more than eight votes. Newcombe had a breakout year but has never polled a vote and might need more time to get noticed. Gunston missed three of Hawthorn’s eight wins. Mitchell in what should be a tight contest.MELBOURNEHERALD SUN: Oliver 24; Petracca 20; Gawn 15; Brayshaw 9; Viney 6; May 5; Jackson, Pickett, Langdon 4; Hunt, Melksham 2.CHAMPION DATA: Oliver 25; Petracca 23; Gawn 16; Viney 11; Brayshaw 10; Pickett 4; May 3; Jackson 2.TAB CLUB ODDS: $1.35 Oliver; $3.05 Petracca; $51 Gawn.THE TIP: Oliver polled 31 votes in last year’s count and his numbers this season are not far behind 2021. Last year he booted nine goals, this season just three. Last year he polled in 13 games, 12 of which he had 30 disposals or more. He had 15 games of 30 touches or more in 2022. Huge chance to win on Sunday night.NORTH MELBOURNEHERALD SUN: Larkey 8; Davies-Uniacke 6; Ziebell, Zurhaar 3; Simpkin, Hall 2.CHAMPION DATA: Davies-Uniacke 10; Simpkin 6; Larkey, Zurhaar 3; Ziebell, Hall 2.TAB CLUB ODDS: $1.50 Davies-Uniacke; $3.50 Larkey; $4.50 Simpkin; $101 Ziebell.THE TIP: North lost 16 games by six goals or more. You can rule out votes from any of those games (maybe Larkey in R21). Larkey can win this with six votes. He booted six goals in the R2 win against West Coast; five goals in the seven-point loss to Collingwood in R17 and seven goals against Sydney in R21. He’s value at $3.50.PORT ADELAIDEHERALD SUN: Rozee 21; Wines 20; Houston, Boak 5; Butters 4; Amon, Dixon, Finlayson 2.CHAMPION DATA: Wines 21; Boak 13; Rozee 9; Amon 6; Houston 5; Powell-Pepper, Butters 3; Aliir, Bonner 2.TAB CLUB ODDS: $1.18 Rozee; $4.25 Wines; $19 Boak; $51 Houston; $101 Butters.THE TIP: Rozee collected just five votes from 59 games before this year’s breakout season. Rozee backers will be made to sweat. He starts slowly, but catches fire from round 17. Wines won with 36 votes last year (he polled in 16 games) and has reached double figures in five of the past six seasons. Rozee wins, but it will be closer that $1.18 suggests.RICHMONDHERALD SUN: Bolton 19; Lynch 12; Prestia 8; Short, Baker 7; Nankervis, Vlastuin 3; Cotchin, Martin, Rioli 2.CHAMPION DATA: Lynch 13; Bolton 10; Prestia 9; Short 7; Cotchin, Nankervis, Baker 5; Martin 3; Rioli, Vlastuin 2.TAB CLUB ODDS: $1.40 Prestia; $3.50 Bolton; $6 Lynch; $51 Short, Baker.THE TIP: Prestia is a Richmond B&F winner, but is a surprisingly poor Brownlow performer. His 66 H&A games in five Tigerland seasons before this year have yielded just 21 votes. That opens the door for Bolton to win here. Bolton snagged nine votes in 2020 and his numbers this year and far better than that. Bolton could be best-afield in rounds 7, 17, 20 & 21. Get on!ST KILDAHERALD SUN: Gresham, Crouch 11; Sinclair, Steele 10; Hill 8; King 4; Higgins, Battle, Marshall, Long 3; Butler, Windhager, Wood 2.CHAMPION DATA: Steele 15; Crouch 10; Ross, Marshall, Gresham 8; Hill 5; King 4; Higgins 3.TAB CLUB ODDS: $1.35 Steele; $5 Crouch, Sinclair; $16 Gresham; $101 Hill, Marshall.THE TIP: Steele finished equal fifth last year with 26 votes. He also led the Saints with 20 votes in 2020. Steele’s numbers this year are not as strong and he’s gettable here. Sinclair has never polled a single vote in his previous seven seasons (117 games). That rules him out. King and Higgins had hot games in the first half of the season, but Steele wins here.SYDNEYHERALD SUN: Mills 15; Parker 11; Warner 10; Franklin, Heeney 8; Rowbottom 7; Blakey, Papley 4; Florent, Reid, Clarke, Gulden, Hickey 2.CHAMPION DATA: Mills 19; Parker 16; Warner 11; Heeney 10; Franklin 6; Papley, Reid, Gulden, Florent, Lloyd 3; Hickey, Ladhams 2.TAB CLUB ODDS: $1.30 Mills; $4 Parker; $5.50 Warner; $31 Heeney; $81 Franklin.THE TIP: Mills pipped perennial vote-getter Parker last year, 18 votes to 17. It seemed like a changing of the guard. Mills’ biggest threat is Warner. Warner booted 16 H&A goals to Mills’ eight and had five games of at least two goals and 20 disposals or more. Mills to win, but watch for Warner to come hard in rounds 16-18.WEST COASTHERALD SUN: Rioli, Barrass 5; Kelly 4; McGovern, Kennedy 3; Gaff, Redden, Yeo 2.CHAMPION DATA: Kennedy 4; Kelly 3; Hurn 2.TAB CLUB ODDS: $1.60 Kennedy; $5 Kelly; $7 Barrass; $8 Rioli; $10 McGovern; $31 Gaff, Shuey.THE TIP: This is a lottery which is not surprising when the Eagles won just two matches for the season. Kennedy is the sentimental tip. He booted five goals in the round 15 win against Essendon and eight majors in his 293rd and last match against Adelaide. That might be enough to get five votes to win this.WESTERN BULLDOGSHERALD SUN: Dunkley 11; Macrae, Smith 10; Bontempelli 7; English, Liberatore 5; Treloar 4; Naughton, Weightman, Ugle-Hagan 3; Daniel 2.CHAMPION DATA: Bontempelli 14; Smith 12; Macrae, Dunkley 10; Treloar 7; English 6; Naughton 4; Dale 3; Liberatore, Daniel 2.TAB CLUB ODDS: $2.30 Dunkley; $3.25 Bontempelli; $4.50 Smith; $7 Macrae; $12 Liberatore; $34 Treloar, English.THE TIP: This is ripping contest with a host of chances. Dunkley had a superb season and kicked a career-high 17 goals. But he doesn’t poll well – only 26 votes in six seasons. Bontempelli has had three seasons of 20 or more votes including 33 last year when he was runner-up. Bontempelli just, but not with a lot of confidence.Originally published as Brownlow Medal 2022: Live vote count, start time, betting tips & odds, top contenders