Jeanie Buss denies LeBron James rumors after the LA Lakers missed the NBA playoffs

Jeanie Buss strongly closed a rumor about LeBron James and the Lakers after a sad exit early in the season.

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss let the world know who runs the famous NBA franchise in a passionate interview about the team’s direction after the terrible Los Angeles season.

“Do they have the last word? No. Are they leading the team? No, no, not at all, “Buss told The Los Angeles Times on Lakers star LeBron James and his pitch at Klutch Sports.

“I am checking the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, I am held accountable for every decision made here.”

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Buss’s bold statement came less than two weeks later Bleacher report reported that the Lakers front office is internally blaming James and Anthony Davis for their failed Russell Westbrook experiment.

The organization has reportedly felt pressure from the Klutch Sports Group, which also represents Davis, for the successful trade that led them to Westbrook, which was completely out of their minds.

“I’m only growing in patient because we had the fourth highest salary in the league. … When you spend that kind of money on luxury tax, you expect to go deep into the playoffs, ”said Buss, who admitted he was neither happy nor satisfied with the current state of the team.

“So, yes, it was heartbreaking for me to come out with a limb like that and not get the results we were looking for.”

Buss acquired point guard Russell Westbrook in hopes of forming a Big 3 with James and Davis, which led the Lakers to their 17th title in the 2020 NBA bubble. James reportedly had a heavy hand in recruiting Westbrook, who had one of the worst offensive performances of his career in his debut season with Los Angeles.

“It’s normal that when you have one or more top players, you bounce off them, I think it’s a smart deal,” Buss said of James. I want him to feel confident in the team, that we have the pieces to win a championship. He must be happy. … I want to make sure he’s happy. “

Buss still believes the Lakers can win another championship with James and Davis in the lead.

“There’s no reason for me to think we can’t win with them,” he said. “Something I’ve learned from Phil Jackson is that there is always a path to success … Sometimes it might be a little more difficult than other times … but you have to see the skill.”

Buss said he decided to do the interview after being “in the background for too long” amidst Lakers’ fights this season, in which the James-led Hall of Fame roster failed to make the play-off tournament. in, not to mention the playoffs.

Last week, rumors in American sports media saw personalities, including ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, suggest that the Lakers should consider swapping James, who is awaiting a contract extension in early August.

Immediately after, a relationship of Atletico said that if James ultimately decides to forgo multiple seasons with the Lakers, Buss would not see his desire to end the final season of his contract as a reason to consider swapping him.

The Lakers president, however, stressed Times who will make difficult decisions, even if it means making changes.

“Absolutely, if we’re not up to the standards of the Lakers, I’ll absolutely watch everything,” he said. “I’ll make the tough decisions, because that’s what you have to do.

“We don’t like losing the playoffs, I understand the anger and frustration of the fans. I have to make it better.

“The last year has been extremely disappointing… it has been extremely disappointing. I feel we have disappointed the Laker fans and we don’t want to do it again, and we have to do it right. “

Last month, James addressed his contact situation at his season-ending press conference – the same day the Lakers officially split from their manager, Frank Vogel – and said he had yet to discuss the matter due to the collective agreement of the NBA.

This story first appeared on the New York post and has been reproduced with permission

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