Super Netball 2022: West Coast Fever beat Sunshine Coast Lightning, score, result, watch, highlights

The opening match of Round 9 of Suncorp Super Netball had two winners but only one winner as West Coast Fever and Sunshine Coast Lightning faced off in the clubs’ opening game “As One” Pride.

The opening match of Round 9 of Suncorp Super Netball had two winners but only one winner as West Coast Fever and Sunshine Coast Lightning faced off in the clubs’ opening game “As One” Pride.

Amidst a sea of ​​rainbows celebrating diversity and inclusion, Fever comfortably won nine points against Lightning, despite a glitch in the third quarter. The match was much closer than the first-on-eight would have suggested, but Fever remains comfortably perched at the top of the ladder, while Lightning languishes at the bottom.

With both clubs lacking key midfielders, Fever manager Dan Ryan made a surprise early on, selecting Emma Cosh and training partner Chelsea Pitman in attack and attack on the wing respectively.

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Though double-teamed in the circle, Jhaniele Fowler was the recipient of Fever’s sizzling ball speed and free-flowing attack. On the contrary, the path to Lightning’s door was tiring as the fever blocked the central channel of the field with a strong physical presence and hands in pressure.

After shooting a terrifying 55% last week, lightning captain Steph Wood found his range early, with three super shots giving his team a narrow lead in the quarter-time. It was a one-way traffic in the second quarter when Fever flexed his defensive muscles.

Seeking to narrow the edge, Lightning shuffled their deck in the third quarter, moving each player to a different position. With Maddie Hinchliffe and Wood directing the traffic in between, they switched momentum and cut their deficit to two.

However, Fever kicked off another march, led by the charming Stacey Francis-Bayman, to close the game.

Fever and Diamond goalkeeper Courtney Bruce was fierce on defense, delivering five interceptions and three rebounds, despite a loose elbow and the resultant brilliant received during the match. Fowler finished with an unmatched 66 goals at 100% and the MVP award.

Neither team would be thrilled with their performance, giving a total of 42 turnovers during the match. As the fever behemoth advances, they will be frustrated by their inability to punish teams in four quarters and will have to face it if they want to go deep into the finals.

Lightning, who hasn’t beaten Fever at home since 2019, needs to continue growing his exciting youngsters, while the Diamonds recruiters will breathe a sigh of relief as shooting duo Cara Koenen and Wood looked much more comfortable afterwards. a below average output last week. Koenen finished with 27/29 (93%) and two interceptions and three crucial rebounds.


Sunshine Coast Lightning and West Coast Fever, who describe themselves as fierce rivals but strong allies, have joined forces to compete in Suncorp Super Netball’s second Pride game. However, widespread requests to Netball Australia and the league to include a full Pride Round have so far fallen on deaf ears. For a sport that celebrates inclusion and diversity and pushes for inclusion in the 2032 Olympics on that basis, the time has come for administrators to take action.


Champion Data – the sports statistic oracle – crunched the numbers and found that by mid-season, West Coast Fever has a 99% chance of playing the finals and a 59% chance of staying on top of the leaderboard with the final. crucial at home.

Unfortunately, it’s time for the Lightning to focus on rebuilding, as it’s estimated that they only have a 7% chance of reaching the Finals and would actually have to win all remaining matches to do so.


Most elite netball clubs boast a massive shooter, but fever has put together an entire attack line of more than six feet. Shooter Jhaniele Fowler tops the list at 198cm, followed by the attack on goal Sasha Glasgow at 187cm and the Alice Teague-Neeld winger at 183cm. It’s a significant height advantage over most opponents, offering a clearer line of sight in the firing circle.