Super Netball news, scores, results 2022: Collingwood Magpies v NSW Swifts, Queensland Firebirds v West Coast Fever

The Collingwood Magpies kept their final hopes alive with a win over the NSW Swift, while the Queensland Firebirds stunned second-placed West Coast Fever.

The Collingwood Magpies kept their last hopes alive with a 66-58 win over the NSW Swifts in front of a small but passionate home crowd in Melbourne.

The intensity was high from the first whistle and it was clear how important the game was for both teams.

With the incredibly tight ladder in the middle, neither team could afford a defeat and desperation was evident with every step.

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It was the Swifts who settled first, while the Magpies struggled to find their connections in the third offensive: the Swifts defense successfully stifled winger Kesley Browne’s attack, closing the Magpies main road to shooter Shimona Nelson .

The Magpies managed to catch up some of the ascent, but every time they started closing the gap, they gave away careless losses and Swifts’ attack was able to capitalize.

The halftime break revitalized the Magpies on both offense and defense, scoring eight of their first 11 goals with pinpoint precision fueling Nelson under the post and tenacious defense from Jodi-Ann Ward and defending player of the match Geva Mentor .

Swifts manager Briony Akle went to his shift change in attack, hiring Sophie Fawns for Kelly Singleton – the young shooters shared time on the pitch all season, which allowed them to take time on the bench for observe and work their way again in a game.

Both teams have been renowned for their focus on one-point shooting in key matches, but with their seasons in play, super shots have become an important factor.

For the Magpies, Gabby Sinclair led the charge with three two-pointers in the third quarter alone, while Helen Housby attempted to counter at the other end of the field with mixed success.

Before this game, Sinclair was shooting 62% from the colon, but tonight he upped with four super shots with 100% accuracy.

After an incredibly dominant third quarter by the Magpies, who won 22-11, the Swifts made a myriad of changes in their ultimate attempt to regain their lead.

Singleton returned to the field and young defender Teigan O’Shannassy was injected into the goalkeeper, forcing a reshuffle on the pitch.

Despite the best efforts of Paige Hadley and Maddy Proud, the Swifts failed to get back into the game and were forced to rely on super shooting in the last five minutes, but it was too little, too late and the Magpies took the win by 12 goals.

Collingwood Magpies 66, NSW Swifts 58


Two of the most fascinating players to watch were midfielders Maddy Proud (Swifts) and Kelsey Browne (Magpies), both of whom were excluded from the Australian Diamonds squad for the upcoming Commonwealth Games. Both players have been in sensational form since the squad announcement and let their play on the pitch send a strong message to the selectors. Both continued their attacking dominance this week, with Proud finishing the match with 28 assists and Browne 24.


The penalty count proved to be a barometer in this game, with the Swift’s ability to keep the penalty count down, a key factor in their early dominance. While the Magpies were heavily penalized in the middle of the pitch in the first half, the Swifts were able to keep him clean on defense as they moved down the pitch. Half-court penalties are more common when defenders are stuck behind their players, but the speed and fitness of Proud, Hadley and Tayla Fraser allowed them to stay ahead of their opponents and block the Magpies’ passage at the back of the pitch. field. Once the momentum changed in the third quarter, the Swifts’ desperation led to more penalties and they finished with 61 penalties, just one less than the Magpies.


Shimona Nelson was widely criticized during her stay in Australia for her inability to throw high balls at critical moments. However this season was the creation of her, with strong hands in the air and an incredibly hard-to-fault shooting load. She was once again flawless in this game, scoring 52 goals with 100% accuracy, proving that she will be a real alternative to Jhaniele Fowler for Jamaica at the Commonwealth Games when required.

– Megan Maurizio


The Queensland Firebirds had two reasons to celebrate: they played the first of two First Nations games and won four goals on second-place West Coast Fever in front of a turbulent Perth crowd.

Breaking their four-game losing streak, the Firebirds jump from 7th to 3rd place in the standings and return to contention for the final.

Fever faced a conundrum by naming their starting 7 with two key players missing. Defense winger Jess Anstiss is still recovering from a foot injury and the Verity Simmons center was out of Covid protocols. With Sunday Aryang being replaced intermittently as he recovers from Covid, it has been an ongoing saga of fever that has only had 10 contracted athletes for five games this season.

Fever’s senior training partner Zoe Cransberg had a tough job lining up in the middle against Kim Ravaillion. Unsurprisingly, she got off to a nervous start by suffering 3 turnovers in the first quarter and finishing the term with -6 Nissan Net Points.

Indigenous athlete Jemma Mi Mi got her first start of the 2022 season with wing attack. She easily found the edge of the circle and shared the feed load, entering 28 feeds for the match.

Firebirds scored a run during the second quarter to take the lead and didn’t let him go.

The fever was severed in the attack with Sasha Glasgow trying to do too much in Simmons’ absence. Unfortunately, his efforts have come at the expense of shooting accuracy as he only pocketed 6 of 11 for the match.

Side reporter Josie Janz-Dawson said Firebirds’ other indigenous athlete, Donnell Wallam, was nursing an injured calf. He left the field before the end of the third quarter, having been dominant in scoring with 24/27.

Young Mia Stower replaced Wallam and made an immediate impact by scoring three goals, including two super shots that resulted in her team equalizing and setting an exciting last quarter.

The fever launched a series of changes to the Firebirds last season, but a series of ball handling mistakes led the visitors to score a three-goal lead. Glasgow managed to bring it back to one, but the Firebirds again withstood the pressure and managed to score a four-goal win.

Speaking after the game, Firebirds manager Megan Anderson talked about how much this game meant to her team: “It was so special to us as a club. We are all on this cultural journey and to have Jem and Donnell on the team and share with them. And to be back here in her country is so special to us. I am so happy that we were able to make her proud and meet her family and for them to get the victory today is so amazing.

Queensland Firebirds 72, West Coast Fever 68


Firebirds athletes Jemma Mi and Donnell Wallam have a lot to smile about as this was the first of two First Nations Rounds. For Wallam, tonight’s game was very special as he played and celebrated his culture in front of his Noongar family on Whadjuk home soil.

Speaking earlier in the week, Wallam shared how proud she was to be on the pitch for this match: “Being able to go home and play in front of my family is worth all the sacrifices. It’s a very special feeling, that emotional and spiritual connection with my country and I hope it shines in this group of girls. “


Of all the enticing encounters on the pitch in this match, it was the unknown heroes of each team, Sasha Glasgow and Ruby Bakewell-Doran, who were the most crucial. Glasgow is having its best season to date and needed solid play to make up for the absence of Verity Simmons.

Unfortunately, this was not Glasgow’s night as he missed the attacking link and failed in accuracy under the post. Bakewell-Doran had a quiet night in terms of stats, however, his tenacity and constant pressure on his arms created plenty of opportunities for the away team.


Fever’s Jhaniele Fowler is arguably in the best shape of his career: last week, he broke not one but two records, including the record for most goals scored in a single game. She is likely to captain the Jamaican national team at the Commonwealth Games, where she will share the field with SSN’s best defensive duo of Shamera Sterling and Latanya Wilson. With all that talent on the pitch, Jamaica is sure to push for medals and cause headaches to other teams.

– Katrina Nissen

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