Brisbane, Sydney, Perth weather: forecast for ‘widespread drenching’, rain up to half a meter

A significant rain event is set to hit up to half a meter of rain, leading forecasters to worry in particular for a large city.

A “widespread drenching” is planned in the coming days when a significant rain event hits the east coast of the country.

Western Australia may also see heavy rain as a large swath of humidity heads towards the Indian Ocean.

But it is in the east where drops of up to 500mm – half a meter – can be seen as a vicious weather system passes through.

Sky News Weather Meteorologist Rob Sharpe said that although it was a big event, he had concerns about one city in particular.

“I’m worried about Rockhampton because it’s a place that sees big floods in general.

“We expect moderate and widespread river flooding, and I think it will include Rockhampton as well.

“It’s just a small chance at this stage of reaching greater flood levels – it’s not as big an event as the one we had in 2017. But you can’t rule it out with this type of flood. weather system.”

Rockhampton is looking at 50-100mm on Wednesday, 30-80mm on Thursday and up to another 30mm on Friday.

Mr. Sharpe said much of that rain could also “pour” into New South Wales and Victoria.

The Bureau of Meteorology has stated that “dangerous and life-threatening floods” are possible in large areas of Queensland. Two-thirds of the state is under flood control.

Queensland will be destroyed by the rain

A strong frontal system is tapping into tropical moisture on Queensland, setting the current rain event in motion.

Wednesday could see a 50-90mm fall over Cairns in stormy conditions with 120-200mm for Townsville in just 24 hours. Some inland areas will also be subject to severe thunderstorms.

“Around Townsville, Mackay and Rockhampton there is total diffuse rainfall of over 200mm and the potential we could see over 500 mm for this eventMr. Sharpe said.

Mackay is expected to peak at 250mm on Wednesday and then another 50m on Thursday.

Brisbane will not miss with 35-60mm on Wednesday and up to 45mm on Thursday and Friday. Temperatures are likely to reach 22 ° C on Wednesday, reaching 24 ° C on Friday.

Event to be spread in NSW, Victoria

“This event is also spreading into NSW, particularly inland areas, which will see some of the heaviest rainfall,” Sharpe said.

“The Murray Darling Basin as a whole is seeing widespread soaking that will continue to elevate flows.”

Bourke, in the state’s northwest, could record between 30-60mm on Wednesday and another 35mm on Thursday with Cobar looking similar.

On Thursdays in Dubbo and Wagga falls of up to 35 mm are possible. Rain also for the north-east of the state but less intense than in other regions with some falls in Ballina on Wednesday and then 8-20 mm on Thursday and up to 15 mm on Friday.

Hot and humid in Sydney with highs of 23 ° C reaching 27 ° C on Saturday and lows of 17 ° C. Up to 8mm caliber on Wednesday and then some heavy falls on Thursday with 10-20mm due.

Canberra could see a heavy rainy day on Thursday with a fall of up to 25mm. Showers can be expected for the rest of the week. Temperatures at adolescent highs in the capital hit the 20s on Friday and dropped below 10 degrees Celsius overnight.

Beyond the border with Victoria, Wangaratta is on the front line Thursday with 15-25mm of rain possible. Ski resorts also seem wet as do the central parts of the state.

It will be cloudy and 20 ° C in Melbourne on Wednesday as clouds gather and then up to 10mm of rain will fall on Thursday with minus on Friday. There will be lows of 10-14 ° C at dawn in the city.

Some showers for Hobart but much less heavy than on land. Mostly dry until Friday when there may be some spots with Saturday seeing up to 10mm. Highs in late adolescence for the rest of the week and lows rising from 6 ° C on Wednesday to 14 ° C on Sunday.

Highs of 21 ° C in Adelaide and 11 ° C at night. Cloudy weekend with light showers at the weekend.

Western Australia will also be hit by heavy rains

As the east coast is affected, it will be wet in the west, as a swath of rain quickly approaches Perth. Little in the way of humidity on Wednesday, but Thursday could be humid with 20-30mm falling on the city and some topping up on Friday as well. The midweek high of 22 ° C will drop to 18 ° C on Friday with lows of 9-11 ° C.

Port Hedland will be hot and 31 ° C with a possible thunderstorm on Friday that will bring showers.

Mostly clear in Darwin, exceeding 33 ° C with temperatures dropping to 25 ° C after sunset.

Originally published as “Worried”: Meteorologists are worried about “widespread soaking” that should hit the east coast