Business Talk – Ricardo Rosa of Microsoft on the second wave of digital transformation

Ricardo Rosa is the commercial director of Microsoft South Africa Enterprise.

Previously he worked at financial services firms KPMG, PwC and Standard Bank, where he held the position of director.

Rosa is passionate about helping her customers leverage Microsoft’s broad range of technologies, innovations, capital and partners for strategic benefits, accelerated business transformation, and enhanced business value.

In this Business Talk interview, Rosa talks about the dawning of the second wave of digital transformation, as originally outlined by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Rosa points out what this means for companies in all sectors around the world.

It also discusses how the pandemic has changed the role of technology in business and how that has impacted how companies invest in technology.

Rosa also talks about the other changes she has seen in the digital transformation landscape, including the democratization of data.

Watch the full interview with Ricardo Rosa below.