Cruel dog collars will be banned in Queensland

“Cruel” collars designed to punish dogs by putting pressure on the neck will be banned in one state.

Pointed collars designed to punish dogs will be banned in Queensland as part of a wider crackdown on animal cruelty.

The announcement was made on Sunday by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, who said the devices were not in line with most Queenslanders’ views on appropriate animal discipline.

“We know that most Queenslanders support tougher sanctions and regulations against animal cruelty,” he wrote on Facebook.

“That is why this week we will be discussing animal welfare laws in the Queensland Parliament, an issue that is at the heart of so many Queenslanders.”

It is already illegal to import pointed collars into Australia, and the devices have been banned in Victoria since 2008.

Collars are made of metal and designed to tighten around a dog’s neck when pressure is applied.

RSPCA said collars are used to “inflict pain as a punishment” on pets and pinch their skin when pulled.

“Unfortunately, some dog trainers recommend these collars, although more humane training methods are available,” reads the RSPCA website.

“(This includes) reward-based training, which has also been shown to be more effective than adverse methods.”

The move to the ban was partly triggered by a review conducted by the Palaszczuk government in early 2020 and attracted thousands of community responses.

The recommendations of the review will be discussed in parliament this week.

Originally published as Cruel dog collars will be banned in Queensland