Dyson Zone: “Air Purifying Headphones Could Be” Worst Tech Product of 2022 “

Dyson has revolutionized everything from vacuum cleaners to towels, but the tech firm’s new product may be its first problem.

British tech company Dyson has brought us many game-changing appliances.

There’s the bagless vacuum cleaner, those machines in the toilet that sound like a jet engine and dry your hands in seconds, and the circular fan.

All of them revolutionized the world of home appliances and looked aesthetically pleasing in the process. But his streak may be exhausted. We could see the birth of Dyson’s first shot.

Its latest invention is so strange, so “ridiculous”, indeed so ugly, that it has been considered a contender for the “worst tech product of 2022”.

One commentator was puzzled how a product that Dyson boasts took six years and 500 prototypes to make could still look awful.

The reception is so negative that Dyson was forced to deny that it’s all a gag at the beginning of April 1st.

The company’s latest creation is a wearable device called the Dyson Zone.

It is marketed as “air purifying headphones”.

While delivering crisp music to your ears, mouth and nose – encased in a plastic shield – get a breath of air drawn in through various filters to make it cooler.

Dyson says it is trying to solve the problem that the city air is full of pollutants, including bacteria and allergens.

The Dyson Zone has a “two-stage purification system that can filter out the fumes and pollutants of the city. So wherever you are, you can breathe purified air. “

And it does it all by delivering “immersive high fidelity sound”.

“The worst technology product of 2022”

The problem with the product is twofold. One, it’s unclear who needs a device that combines headphones and an air purifier. But mostly two, with protruding nose and mouth and sturdy headphones, the wearer looks like an extra out of the ordinary crazy max or the victim in a Saw horror movie type enclosed in a medieval torture device.

Australian tech and games website TechAU boldly declared it “could be the worst tech product of 2022”.

“While I am generally in favor of technology companies trying new products, this seems ridiculous and I do not see in any way that this (will) be successful,” wrote Jason Cartwright on TechAU.

Bringing the technologies together and bringing them together in one device had merits, he said, but not in this case.

“When the resulting product makes you look weird when you wear it, every advantage of the convergence is lost.

“Apparently, the Dyson Zone air-purifying headphones required more than 500 prototypes before reaching the final design.

“This makes the final design choice even more difficult to digest,” he added.

The Verge website said the area was “bizarre”.

“While mask use has been significantly normalized over the past couple of years, we’ll have to see if customers are willing to embrace this extremely weird looking product,” she said after trying one for size.

So baffling is the area, Dyson has been busy telling people that, no, it’s not all a wind.

“I just figured out what day it is Friday,” said one person on Dyson’s Twitter account.

“Surely they haven’t planned a two-year April fool ???”

But the Zone preview on Dyson’s social media was on March 30 and not April 1.

“This is not an April Fool’s joke,” the Dyson account replied.

Another person dubbed it a “snot cannon” and suggested that the built-in fans would project the wearer’s potentially strong Covid-19 fumes in the direction of passers-by.

Dyson resists its curious creation.

Speaking to the BBC, Chief Engineer Jake Dyson said air pollution is a “global problem that affects us wherever we go”.

“The Dyson Zone purifies the air you breathe on the go.

“And unlike face masks, it provides a plume of fresh air without touching your face, using high-performance filters and two miniature air pumps.”

Dyson is not yet selling the Zone. Rather, he’s asking people to sign up if they’re interested. Plus he has yet to disclose the cost of his next big thing.

Originally published as the “ridiculous” Dyson Zone air-purifying headphones may be the “worst product of 2022”