JB Hi Fi: TikTok video claims to show shop tricks influencing customers

A video on TikTok claims to reveal the “secrets” that JB Hi-Fi uses to influence shopping behavior in its stores. What do you think?

Two TikTokers believe they know the “secrets” JB Hi-Fi uses to convince customers that the company’s products are cheaper than its competitors.

Mason and Mai, who manage the @savingforboba account, share hacks and reviews on the social media platform, some real and others as a joke, such as swapping the F for fuel and the E with blank letters on the car dashboard for “fuel. free”.

In a more serious recent video, the couple claimed that JB Hi-Fi tricks customers into “thinking everything is cheap” by using handwritten signs, concrete floors, a simple warehouse layout, and stacked products in its stores. .

Mason and Mai said they made the video because they generally find themselves going to JB Hi-Fi for a good deal first.

“When we walk in, all of these factors combined make it ‘look’ like we are in a wholesale warehouse, so this affects our buying behaviors,” they said.

“This has happened to us a couple of times, only to realize we could find better deals in other places.”

Not everyone agreed that the store elements mentioned in the video were used to influence customers, with TikTok users engaging in comments to make jokes.

“Yes, concrete floors make me buy stuff,” wrote one user.

“Wait (sic) to see Bunnings,” said another.

One person wrote: “Doesn’t everyone google the price of everything first ??? There is no deception.”

Another person agreed with the video and stated that Ikea, Bunnings, and Costco had the same strategy.

Other users have debated whether JB Hi-Fi was generally cheaper or more expensive than its competitors.

The home electronics and entertainment retailer uses a low-cost operating model, with “compact store size” and “dense displays”.

According to Financial reviewin 2020 the company had higher sales per square meter than all other Australian retailers and was comparable to the best retailers in the world.

News.com.au reached out to JB Hi-Fi for comment.

Originally published as TikTokers reveals the “tricks” used by JB Hi-Fi to influence customers