Queensland, NSW Weather: The east coast prepares for heavy rain and bad weather

Five times the May average is expected in parts of Queensland amidst an “unusual” and “extraordinary” weather event.

The east coast is bracing for a major rain event, with falls five times the May average expected in parts of Queensland and widespread flooding likely next week.

It will begin with showers and storms on the state’s coast that will spread inland on Sunday.

SkyWeather Chief Meteorologist Tom Saunders said it was unusual this time of year as it was the start of the dry season.

“These storms could produce flash floods. There is also the possibility of damaging winds and hail, “she said.

By Tuesday the showers will turn into heavy rain spread across western Queensland and near the tropical coast.

“The heavier falls (are) drifting south along the coast but continue inland. Widespread heavy rains are likely Wednesday, Thursday and even Friday. Northern NSW is also likely to see that heavy rain, ”Saunders said.

Following a Bureau of Meteorology briefing on Friday, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk held a press conference to warn of “incredibly heavy rains”.

He said the mayors concerned have been contacted regarding their contingency plans.

“Most of the bad weather will occur in the far north of Queensland and in the west of our state,” he said.

“We don’t expect this serious weather being so intense in south east Queensland so it’s a relief, however we will be monitoring it very closely, ”continued Ms Palaszczuk.

“Some of our streams and rivers have been saturated by our previous weather event.

“It is very unusual to see this type of situation occurring in the far north of Queensland, especially this time of year which is usually towards the end of the (wet) season.

“We expect higher total rainfall than we saw earlier in May.”

Queensland Emergency Services Minister Mark Ryan insisted that a “normal overtime response” was already underway for the “unusual overtime”.

Rain all over the country

Heavy rains in Tasmania are expected to continue on Saturday, but Mr. Saunders said Sunday will only return to a strange downpour.

“And we will see more light snowfall in the Alps this weekend,” he said.

On Saturday, BOM told Tasmanians to “stay safe and heed the warnings” on Twitter, confirming that showers would generally be heavier in the southeastern and far south of the state.

Next week it will also rain on the west coast, coming from the Indian Ocean on Wednesday.

Originally published as “Incredibly heavy” rain to destroy the east coast