Rat spotted inside Westfield Parramatta food court

Shoppers staggered after seeing footage of a huge rogue rat inside the food court of a popular Westfield shopping mall.

Shocking footage has emerged showing a huge mouse scurrying in the middle of a Westfield shopping center.

The huge rodent was shown whizzing across the floor of the Parramatta Mall food court in a video uploaded to Reddit on Monday.

The three-second clip showed the animal snaking under two rows of empty tables before disappearing behind a bench.

The footage sparked a strong reaction among viewers, many of whom couldn’t believe the size of the mouse.

“I will not lie. At first I thought it was a mongoose with a deformed tail, “wrote one person in response.

Someone else remarked, “that’s a big rat”, while another described him as “fucking ‘UUUGEE”.

Others were incredibly surprised at what they saw, claiming to have witnessed similar scenes in the past.

“Having seen behind the scenes of some Westfields, this doesn’t surprise me at all,” wrote one.

“I’ve seen one in the same spot before! Level 1 food court! Running towards the limited entrance / exit, ”said another.

Someone who claimed to have previously worked at the center said the video offered a small glimpse of a much bigger problem.

“Sometimes I worked downtown after midnight. There were often whole flocks of mice, some the size of small cats or dogs. Their screech was terrifying at night to hear, “they wrote.

Some have said shoppers should expect to see at least some evidence of rodents in the city’s malls.

“You can find them pretty much everywhere in the cities. Lots of hiding places available, plenty of food, not many predators except maybe your neighbor’s cat, ”said one.

Someone else said he felt “sorry for that”, with another replying saying “why? He clearly had a Western Sydney buffet”.

The scene was enough to warn shoppers to “put your pants in your socks”.

Westfield was contacted by news.com.au for comment.

Originally published as A huge mouse being filmed running around inside a Westfield food court