The woman asks for help to remove the hunter spiders

A Sydney woman unhappy with some eight-legged freeloaders living in her home has taken desperate measures to help them remove them.

A woman desperate for help controlling her home’s spider infestation has resorted to an unorthodox measure in a ploy to overcome the frightening problem.

On Tuesday, the resident of Summer Hill, a suburb in western Sydney, reported a “terrifying” problem with a hunter in her home to Facebook.

Describing her last straw, she revealed that she was writing her post right after spotting another of the scary creatures in her kitchen.

“Hi everyone! I was just wondering if you know someone who can / doesn’t mind catching spiders in people’s homes to move in instead of killing them?” his post, shared with a local community group, read.

“I am terrified of them, but I understand that they are generally harmless and I don’t want to resort to killing them as I have done before.”

Hunting spiders, despite their somewhat intimidating appearance, are not considered dangerous and although they possess venom, their bite typically only causes mild effects.

The woman was still eager not to share her home with them anymore and offered some money to local children if they could remove it.

“Is there a service that does this? Or some teenager who would like to have some pocket money to do this? she wrote.

“I found another hunter in my kitchen just now and I’m obviously freaking out. He escaped though and now I’m paranoid and unsure where he’ll turn up again. “

Hunting spiders are generally reluctant to bite and will normally try to escape rather than be aggressive.

Originally published as The woman resorts to desperate measures after the hunter’s fright