Australians not tuned into politics yet, according to social media trends

The morning after Scott Morrison called the election, just about as many Australians had searched “election” as they had some less-than-stellar AFL and NRL matches.

(Image: Private Media)

Just 24 hours after Scott Morrison asked the governor-general to call the federal election, we’ve already had opening pitches, gaffes and a shock cabinet announcement. But are Australians paying attention yet? It seems not, according to a handful of different digital metrics.

The calling of the election is when politics kicks up a gear (noting that politicians live in a never-ending campaign just with various duties to balance). It’s the beginning of festivities for political pundits, journalists and nerds who get to sink their teeth into “optics”, “swing seats” and “margins of error”. For those desperate for a change of government or to cling to the stability of reelecting the existing lot, it’s finally getting a date for the electoral showdown.

Those groups of people do not represent the majority of Australians. That much is obvious from the signals of election interest available online. By Monday morning, about the same number of Australians had searched Google about elections as they had for relatively run-of-the-mill AFL and NFL matches — or for British racing champion Lewis Hamilton after he placed fourth at the Australian Grand Prix.

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