Bette Midler puts formula milk shortage into perspective by putting moms who can’t breastfeed their babies to shame –

Are you one of those hateful parents who worry about how you will feed your baby during a nationwide infant formula shortage? Well, you need to take a cooling pill, says Bette Midler.

In response to MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle tweeting about the formula crisis:

Midler advised parents to stop complaining and TRY BREASTFEEDING, which is much easier for everyone:

Clearly Bette has thought about it a lot.

Narrator: We don’t all love Bette Midler. But we agree that you should take him out.

In case it does:

A lot of compassion. Bette’s cups overflow.

Sofia obviously jokes. You really shouldn’t let Bette Midler get close to your kids. There is no need to expose them to absolute garbage.

Not just a terrible human being, but a stupidly insulting one.

Bette Midler always aims for the cheap dunk. That’s all he knows.

Sorry, but obviously Bette Midler can’t afford basic decency.

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