Candidates for the ballot to replace Trump’s ally Nunes in Congress

Democratic newcomer Lourin Hubbard will advance to the June ballot for Californian Republican Devin Nunes’s seat in the US House, the Associated Press reported on Friday.

It will be Hubbard’s opponent Connie Conway, Former minority leader of the California Assemblywho served on the Tulare County Board of Supervisors before being elected to the Assembly in 2008. The Republican led the vote count since the polls closed on Tuesday night.

Neither candidate has applied to run for Congress in the fall, when the district boundaries change.

The latest findings show Hubbard, a 33-year-old water manager, in second place. Behind him are Democrat Eric Garcia and Republican Matt Stoll.

The winner of the June ballot will end Nunes’ term, representing the 22nd congressional district for the remainder of the year. The San Joaquin Valley District currently encompasses most of Fresno County and parts of Tulare County.

Mail order ballots were sent to approximately 415,000 eligible voters in the district; fewer than 3,900 voted in person. The ballots received by 12 April will be counted as long as they have been stamped by 5 April.

Electoral Chancellors of Fresno and Tulare counties estimated the special elections to have cost at least $ 1.4 million.

Hubbard had expressed confidence Thursday that he would stay in second place and make it to the ballot, and said his campaign was planning town halls and fundraisers in both counties.

“It’s hard to articulate what that feeling is, because on the one hand, it’s crazy to think, ‘Yeah, I’m the guy,’” he said. “But on the other hand, just knowing that there are people out there who believe in your message and believe that you are the best person to represent them is an incredibly humiliating experience. I’m so grateful I heard it. “

Conway, 71, said his team is already talking to voters to make sure they understand the next steps and his platform.

“I think sometimes people may not understand that your representative in Congress is really our liaison with the federal government agency,” he said. “I really want to make sure the district gets the attention it deserves.”

With the ten-year district reorganization following the last census, nearly half of the former Nunes district will become part of the new 21st congressional district. The new 22nd district will include much of Kern County and parts of Tulare and Kings counties, but only a small part of the old Nunes district.

Nuns, 48, he resigned in January to lead the former president Trump’s nascent social media company.

First elected to Congress in 2002, Nunes supported the region’s agricultural industry and rejected environmental regulations.

He became a more polarizing figure when he did has aligned with Trump and began to sue his critics, including one of his own newspapers from the region’s hometown.