China calling for “proper manners” over Queen’s funeral

Chinese government officials have criticised UK parliamentary representatives and called for “proper manners”, after a delegation was reportedly denied entry to view Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin. The House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle reportedly banned Chinese representatives from entering Westminster Hall to pay their respects to the late monarch as a result of human rights issues and abuse cases relating to China’s Muslim Uighur population.A spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Mao Ning, issued a statement on Saturday calling on the UK to “follow the diplomatic protocols and proper manners to receive guests,” following the refused request. Sir Lindsay declined to comment after the report from Politico surfaced. Members of parliament for the Tory Party have criticised the “extraordinary” choice to invite a Chinese representative to the funeral, given Russia, Belarus and Myanmar were banned, alongside nations with human rights abuse claims made against them. “We are greatly concerned to hear that the Government of China has been invited to attend the state funeral next week, despite other countries Russia, Belarus and Myanmar being excluded,” said former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith. “Given that the United Kingdom parliament has voted to recognise the genocide committed by the Chinese Government against the Uighur people it is extraordinary that the architects of that genocide should be treated in any more favourable way than those countries who have been barred.”The move comes as the latest installment of long-running tensions between the UK and the Chinese government. Hundreds of current and former heads of state and government will join scores of other dignitaries descending upon Britain to honour the late 96-year-old monarch, who died at her Balmoral residence in Scotland last Thursday after 70 years on the throne.Heads of state from all nations were invited to Westminster Hall on pay their respects to The Queen on Monday before her funeral. China president Xi Jinping was issued the invitation however chose to send Vice-President Wang Qishan and a delegation, on his behalf. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Governor-General David Hurley viewed the Queen lying in state on Saturday night AEST.Originally published as China calls for ‘proper manners’ after snub at Queen’s funeralRead related topics:Queen Elizabeth