Choose a servant, not a leader

On Thursday, Bishop Pablo Virgilio David of Kalookan warned those in power to act responsibly or he will destroy them.

Speaking at the Mass of the Lord’s Last Supper, he lamented those who “behave like gods” when they enter a position of power.

“It’s dangerous to be in a position of power, you can get drunk and even go crazy,” David said in his homily at Kalookan Cathedral.

“I’m the type the devil can play with. They become a new kind of slave, fascinated by power, “he said.

Saying that such lust for power is a “disease,” he said his cure is to be like Jesus who assumed the role of a slave by washing the feet of his disciples.

“It means being humble,” said David, who is also the president of the Philippine Bishops’ Conference.

“For us disciples of Christ, leadership must be carried out in a spirit of servitude, servitude”.

Less than a month before the elections, the bishop asked voters to discern their choices for the polls on May 9.

“It is important to ask ourselves next May … which of the choices will act again, and who will act as a servant who will not be ashamed to wash their feet?” He said.

During the mass, the bishop also washed the feet of 12 faithful to recreate what Jesus did to his apostles before his crucifixion.